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Envision Horizons offers DSP, AMC, Sponsored Products & Brands, and Streaming TV ad management. Our strategies harmonize audience data, analytics, and compelling creative to maximize visibility and conversions. Schedule your strategy session today!

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DSP (Demand-Side Platform)

Amazon DSP is a programmatic advertising platform that allows marketers to buy display, video, and audio ads both on and off Amazon, targeting specific audiences.

Main use case: Reaching a broader audience, retargeting, and driving brand awareness across various channels.

Pros: Access to exclusive Amazon audiences, ability to target based on shopping behavior, and reach customers across multiple devices.

Cons: Higher minimum spend requirements when working directly with Amazon, complexity in setup and management, no self-service options and may require additional creative assets.

AMC (Amazon Marketing Cloud)

AMC is a secure, privacy-safe data clean room that allows advertisers to analyze and combine their first-party data with Amazon's pseudonymized store insights.

Main use case: Gaining deeper insights into ad performance, customer behavior, and marketing effectiveness on Amazon.

Pros: Access to valuable Amazon shopping data, ability to run custom analytics, and enhanced data privacy and security.

Cons: Requires technical knowledge (SQL) to query data, limited to Amazon's ecosystem, and may have a learning curve for marketers.

STV (Sponsored TV)

Sponsored TV ads are video ads that appear in Amazon streaming services like Fire TV and IMDb TV, allowing brands to reach engaged audiences.

Main use case: Increasing brand awareness and engagement through video content on streaming platforms.

Pros: High viewability, ability to reach cord-cutters and streaming audiences, and engaging video format.

Cons:  Sponsored TV ads require a calculated long-term strategy, prioritizing upper-funnel metrics and potentially larger budgets for upstream audience engagement.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are keyword-targeted ads that appear in Amazon search results and product detail pages, promoting individual product listings.

Main use case: Increasing visibility and sales of specific products.

Pros: High visibility, pay-per-click (PPC) model, and can generate immediate results.

Cons: High competition for popular keywords, requires ongoing optimization.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands (formerly known as Headline Search Ads) are banner ads that appear at the top of Amazon search results, featuring a brand logo, custom headline, and multiple products.

Main use case: Promoting brand awareness and driving traffic to a brand's Amazon store or product collection.

Pros: Increases brand visibility, allows for custom images & messaging, and can showcase multiple products.

Cons: Can be higher cost-per-click compared to Sponsored Products and requires a registered brands.


Non-endemic advertising refers to ads for products or services that are not typically associated with the Amazon platform or are not directly sold on Amazon.

Main use case: Reaching Amazon's vast audience to promote products or services that may not have a direct connection to e-commerce.

Pros: Access to a large, diverse audience, ability to drive brand awareness and off-Amazon conversions, and potential for creative storytelling.

Cons: May have lower direct response rates compared to endemic ads, requires more strategic planning and targeting, and may face competition from endemic advertisers.

Envision Horizons Named Amazon Ads Brand Building Finalist

Envision Horizons was recognized as a 2022 US finalist in the Brand
Building category from the Amazon Ads Partner Awards.

amazon ads partner awards

Envision Horizons was recognized as a 2022 US finalist in the Brand Building category from the Amazon Ads Partner Awards.

The Amazon Brand Building Award recognizes partners who utilized the suite of Amazon Ads brand building products to tell an engaging brand story for their client, helping to accelerate their brand growth through awareness and recall.

Success Across the Board

Explore how Envision Horizons delivers top-notch results

Winky Lux Case Study

How Skylar Clean Beauty Achieved 127% YoY Growth on Amazon

Discover how Skylar bridged the gap in their advertising strategy and converted discovery set customers into long-term brand fans with Envision Horizons’ use of cross-selling strategies, DSP retargeting, and more.

How BUXOM Cosmetics Exceeded Visibility Goals During the Holiday Season

Envision Horizons crafted a multifaceted advertising strategy for BUXOM, leveraging a blend of Amazon Ads tools and Amazon DSP to effectively engage shoppers across all stages of the purchasing process, enhancing brand visibility and customer experience.

Winky Lux Case Study
Winky Lux Case Study

Amazon Flexible Shopping Insights Report

Flexible Shopping Insights is a powerful feature within AMC that provides access to information about organic purchasers. By using Flexible Shopping Insights, advertisers can include organic customer interaction data in their AMC analysis and custom audiences.

What our clients have to say

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Joshua Miller

Executive director of paid media, BUXOM Cosmetics

“When it comes to working with Amazon Ads partners, finding a team that can effectively use data-driven strategies with a test-and-learn mentality is crucial. Envision Horizons demonstrated this from the beginning of our partnership. Their approach, paired with their understanding of customer touchpoints, led to huge success for our brand.”

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Kayla Franco

Toral Patel

VP of eCommerce and Marketing at Kopari Beauty

“Envision Horizons has been game-changing for our brand on Amazon, we have been able to grow our business significantly. The EH team feels like an extension of our internal team, they truly care about achieving our goals. They are very attentive, responsive, and forward-thinking… we feel a sense of ease knowing we are in such good hands!”

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Kayla Franco

Laurent Meira

General Manager at Odacité

“We are a luxury brand, so for us attention to detail is key. Envision Horizons being more of a boutique-style company has allowed us to take a different approach to Amazon, they have applied out-of-the-box thinking that sets them apart from other partners. I would absolutely recommend EH.”

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Kayla Franco

Jill Keiser

VP of Marketing at Winky Lux

“The last three years we have worked seamlessly with Envision Horizons, they have helped us grow triple digits year over year for the last three years- right there is proof in the pudding!
We are in constant communication with the EH team to see what’s going on, even down to the ROAS for the day, to check on inventory or accounting issues, etc. It’s as if their team is sitting with us in an office.”

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Kayla Franco

Jenny Strebe

CEO of AIIR Professional

"There are a lot of agencies out there- bringing on a new partner can be nerve-racking. With Envision Horizons, we had such a smooth, easy, professional onboarding process- it’s been amazing! I would absolutely recommend the EH team, they have been great to work with."

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Emmanuel Rey

Founder and CEO of Yuni Beauty

“We worked with an agency in the past and were plateauing in terms of revenue. I was looking for a new agency that was very data-oriented- I was impressed with Envision Horizons’ internal software tool and the quality of our account executive. What was important for us was having a real expert who knows the nuts and bolts of Amazon. I would recommend Envision Horizons, and have already made a referral.”

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Kayla Franco

Brinn Garner

Chief Revenue Officer North America at Orveon Global

“Envision Horizons has been a very genuine partner as we’ve started to navigate the Amazon space. They have immersed themselves as an extension of our own team by exhibiting creative thinking and tailoring strategies to each of our brands. Envision Horizons paved the way for success for us by prioritizing things like launch steps and strategies to facilitate rapid growth with fewer hurdles. I value the team’s responsiveness and their ability to swiftly resolve issues- we truly lean on them as partners to navigate Amazon. It’s a “family-style” partnership, we don’t feel like “just another client”, and the success we’re building is success that we’re building together. I always give them a 10/10 recommendation, especially for beauty brands.”

Healfast Cover Image
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Justin Samra

Justin Samra

CEO of HealFast

With Envision Horizons’ help, HealFast’s Amazon presence has consistently grown ~20% MoM and ~300-500% YoY, with higher sales and lower issues targets being reached monthly.”

Envision Horizons does a great job navigating and communicating the difficulties encountered by Amazon’s policies. Aside from a direct line to Bezos, they exhaust all strategies and options in the pursuit of serving their customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Amazon ad products and services does Envision Horizons offer?

We are a comprehensive Amazon Marketing Agency offering full-service advertising management across Sponsored Ads, DSP, AMC, Amazon Streaming TV, Stores, TikTok Ads, and more.

How will Envision Horizons determine the right ad strategy for my business?

We take a data-driven approach, analyzing your business goals, product catalog, target audiences, and performance data to craft a customized multi-tactic ad strategy

How does Envision Horizons leverage Amazon DSP to extend reach and frequency?

We take a full-funnel approach with DSP, utilizing Amazon’s exclusive audience insights to build campaigns that elevate brand awareness while retargeting warm audiences across the open internet.

What are your AMC data clean room capabilities and use cases?

Our certified analysts can ingest your first-party data into AMC to build richer unified audience profiles. We then activate these audiences across Amazon’s ad products while running custom analytics to optimize media spend and inventory management.

How do you leverage AMC audience data?

Our certified Amazon ad strategists build custom AMC audiences to re-engage shoppers, re-target organic cart abandoners, build advanced lookalike audiences to expand new to brand awareness, and more.

What is your optimization process?

We follow a regimen of daily, weekly, and monthly optimizations – testing strategies, adjusting bids, refreshing keywords/queries, reallocating budgets, updating creative, and A/B testing variables.

How do you measure and report performance?

We provide a customized in-house dashboard with detailed reporting on critical metrics like ROAS, TACOS, keyword data, audience analytics, and aggregated sales data.

Can you speak to your Amazon Stores and branded content strategy?

Our creative teams design immersive branded experiences through Amazon Stores, posts, livestreams, and even influencer campaigns. This multi-touch approach nurtures customers from awareness to conversion.

What is your STV advertising approach across Amazon's streaming platforms?

We develop connected video strategies across Amazon’s streaming footprint including FireTV, Twitch, IMDb TV and publishers. Our STV campaigns drive incremental reach while sequential messaging guides ad-exposed viewers down the funnel.

What client support is provided?

You’ll be onboarded by a dedicated account strategist and have ongoing access to your specialized campaign managers, designers, and analysts via bi-weekly calls and Slack.

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