Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) – An Introduction for Brands & Sellers

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Written By Tristan Williams
Published on September 8, 2023   |3 minute read

For savvy Amazon sellers, Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) represents a powerful tool to gain actionable insights and drive performance. But how exactly can sellers best leverage AMC’s capabilities? This guide will explore key ways sellers can tap into AMC to optimize campaigns and accelerate growth.

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)?

Amazon states that AMC is a “secure, privacy-safe, and cloud-based clean room solution, in which advertisers can easily perform analytics and build audiences across pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Ads signals as well as their own inputs.”

Audiences and Personalization

AMC enables highly targeted audience creation based on Amazon’s rich shopper data. Sellers can segment audiences by interests, behaviors, demographics, and more. Creating customized campaigns for each audience aligns messaging with their needs and preferences for greater relevance. Personalization boosts engagement and conversions.

Cross-Channel Analytics

With AMC, sellers gain a comprehensive cross-channel view of their advertising and marketing performance. By connecting data across search, display, video, and more, sellers can analyze how each channel contributes at different stages from awareness to conversion. These insights inform optimal media mix and budget allocation.

Custom Reporting

Beyond preset reports, AMC empowers sellers to create customized reports addressing their unique business questions. Structured queries can uncover performance drivers, areas for improvement, and untapped opportunities. New insights drive strategy enhancements.

While leveraging AMC requires dedicated analytics resources, for mature sellers spending significant Ad dollars, it enables optimization at scale that drives measurable impact.

Turning Data into Actionable Insights

With AMC’s vast data and analytics capabilities, the key is identifying truly actionable insights that drive strategic decisions. Here are tips for unlocking impactful insights:

  1. Ask specific business questions – Don’t rely solely on standard reports. Craft queries tailored to your current challenges and goals. 
  2. Connect insights to actions – Aim for insights that clearly point to next steps. Surface opportunities, surface optimization areas, identify causal relationships that inform strategies.
  3. Focus on high-impact levers – Prioritize insights that reveal significant drivers of performance and growth. Major changes often stem from one or two key factors.
  4. Funnel insights into optimization – Operationalize insights by feeding key findings into your optimization processes. Adjust campaigns, segments, creatives, and bids.

Specific Ways Sellers Can Apply Amazon Marketing Cloud

  • Evaluate past campaign performance to shape new initiatives
  • Analyze media mix to determine optimal stages/channels
  • Map customer journey to see where conversions happen
  • Discover buyer demographics to create targeted segments
  • Assess omnichannel strategy to optimize media assets and platforms

With the right lens on identifying and applying high-impact insights, AMC becomes a valuable tool to boost marketing efficiency and guide strategy rather than just a vast data repository. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog where we dive deeper into utilizing AMC and share our agency’s go-to queries for actionable insights.

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