Amazon Sports & Outdoors: Top Products and Emerging Trends

Discover Top Products and Emerging Trends for Amazon Sports & Outdoors! It can be hard to keep up with trends in the ever-evolving eCommerce industry. Envision Horizons is here to help, with our quarterly Sports & Outdoors report.  We’re highlighting emerging trends, top brands, bestselling products, market share data, and sharing insights from our team […]
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Published on May 5, 2023   |8 minute read

Discover Top Products and Emerging Trends for Amazon Sports & Outdoors!

It can be hard to keep up with trends in the ever-evolving eCommerce industry. Envision Horizons is here to help, with our quarterly Sports & Outdoors report. 

We’re highlighting emerging trends, top brands, bestselling products, market share data, and sharing insights from our team of experts. Get a snapshot of the current state of Amazon S&O in minutes, with subcategories such as Sport & Fitness, Exercise & Fitness, Outdoor Recreation, and Fan Shop. 

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Sports and Outdoors Report

Sports and Outdoors Repo

This report covers top sellers as well as trending brands and products on Amazon.com within the Sports & Outdoors category.

Amazon Search Frequency Rank Data

Stanley Tumblers

Many of Q1’s top searches were for Stanley products. The term “stanley 40 oz tumbler with handle” was the third most searched product on Amazon in Q1. Stanley was the top clicked brand overall in the “Outdoors” category, with several products making the top clicked products list.


The search frequency rank table on the right displays the top pickleball related searches in March 2023. “Pickleball paddles” was the 1034th most searched term on Amazon. 

Pickleball has been the fastest-growing sport in the US for three consecutive years, with an estimated 36.5 million players as of 2022, according to SFIA. The sport’s popularity has grown by an average of 158.6% over the last three years. 

Pickleball’s easy-to-learn gameplay and open format attract players of all ages, with 18-34-year-olds representing the largest percentage. Amazon has been a significant retailer of pickleball equipment, and the growing demand for equipment has boosted sales on the platform, contributing to the sport’s overall growth. Source: Pickleheads

Other Trending Topics

One of the most notable trends in the last few years is the rise of athleisure wear, which combines fashion and comfort for a versatile look that can be worn both in and out of the gym. This trend has led to an increase in sales of yoga pants, leggings, and other athletic apparel.

Another trend in the category is the growing popularity of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and backpacking. As people increasingly seek to disconnect from technology and spend time in nature, demand for products such as tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags has surged. 

Additionally, the category has seen a rise in demand for home fitness equipment, driven initially by the pandemic and gym closures. Sales of products such as dumbbells, resistance bands, and exercise bikes have skyrocketed as people look to stay fit from home.

Trending Searches in “Sports”

Athletic wear and accessories are popular in the sports category on Amazon. Leggings, sports bras, compression socks, and workout sets are some of the popular search terms in the category. Nike is the most searched brand in the sports category on Amazon, with customers looking for the brand’s shoes and socks. 

Fitness equipment is also popular in the sports category, with “treadmill”, “yoga mat”, and “resistance bands” being some of the popular search terms. Accessories such as Apple watch bands, smartwatches, and Fitbits are also in high demand.

Trending Searches in “Outdoors”

In Q1 2023, the most popular search term in the “Outdoors” category was “Stanley 40 oz tumbler with handle”, and the second most popular search term in the “Outdoors” category was “Stanley cup”. Stanley was the top-clicked brand overall in the “Outdoors” category, with several of their products making the top clicked products list. Other top-clicked brands included Hydro Flask, Iron Flask, and Jansport.

Compression socks for women were the third most popular search term in the “Outdoors” category. 

Current State of the Amazon Sports and Outdoors Category

Outdoor recreation is a significant contributor to the U.S. economy, accounting for 1.8% of GDP, generating $689 billion in gross output, and creating 4.3 million jobs in 2021.

In 2023, high inflation rates are expected to reduce spending in the outdoor market.

On Amazon, the current estimated monthly revenue for the Sports & Outdoors category is $3.1 Billion. The highest-grossing subcategory within the Sports & Outdoors category is “Sports & Fitness” with an estimated $2.2 Billion in monthly revenue.

Data Source: Market size data pulled using SmartScout

Statistic Source: OutdoorIndustry.org

Top-Grossing Products in the Amazon Sports and Outdoors Category

It’s not surprising to see that more expensive products, such as air mattresses for camping and indoor exercise bikes, are among the top-grossing products in the Sports and Outdoors category on Amazon.

Fitbit is currently the highest-grossing smartwatch brand, surpassing even Apple watches. This suggests that consumers are looking for a combination of features and affordability.

Lastly, remote work has led to a surge in popularity for under-desk or portable treadmills. These treadmills offer a convenient way to stay active while working from home, which has become a necessity for many remote employees.

Amazon Sports & Fitness Category

Amazon’s Sports & Fitness category is divided into various subcategories, including Exercise & Fitness, Hunting & Fishing, Team Sports, Accessories, Golf, and other sport-specific categories. 

The Exercise & Fitness subcategory is the highest grossing, followed by Hunting & Fishing. 

The Team Sports subcategory offers equipment for sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball, while the Accessories subcategory provides additional gear like protective wear and bags. Some sports such as Golf have their own dedicated subcategory, along with other activities such as airsoft/paintball, sailing, etc. 

Hydro Flask tops the list of highest grossing products in the Amazon Sports & Fitness category.

Reusable water bottles have become a lucrative e-commerce product due to their eco-friendly nature, practicality, design options, and profitability. Consumers are choosing to use reusable water bottles as a convenient alternative to plastic, and e-commerce businesses benefit from their low manufacturing costs and ease of shipping. 

Amazon Exercise & Fitness Category

Smartwatches for fitness have maintained their popularity due to consumer interest in health and fitness. They offer an all-in-one solution for tracking metrics, setting goals, receiving reminders, and monitoring progress, while the availability of health and fitness apps has further contributed to their popularity.

Fitbit and Amazon Halo appear multiple times on the list of top grossing products in the “Exercise & Fitness category”. For those unfamiliar, the Amazon Halo is a health and wellness wearable device developed by Amazon which launched in August 2020. It is a wristband that tracks various metrics related to health and fitness, such as activity, sleep, body fat percentage, and tone of voice, using sensors and machine learning.  

The demand for at-home exercise equipment has surged in the past few years. Exercise equipment such as indoor bikes and treadmills have seen a significant increase in sales, as people opt to set up their own home gym rather than go to a traditional gym.

Amazon Outdoor Recreation Category

Air mattresses have become popular for camping due to their convenience, comfort, and portability. Air mattresses often provide more cushion than traditional camping mats, and can be deflated and packed into a small carrying bag for easy transport and storage. 

Furthermore, air mattresses are now more affordable and better quality than they used to be, making them an attractive option for camping enthusiasts.

We theorize that the demand for survival and emergency kits has gone up due to increased awareness of the importance of emergency preparedness, natural disasters, etc.. Amazon’s convenience and wide selection of survival and emergency kits have made it a popular destination for consumers seeking to prepare for unexpected events.

Amazon Fan Shop Category

One brand dominates the list of top-grossing products within the “Fan Shop” category…

Yeti, known for its high-quality outdoor products, has achieved significant success on Amazon due to its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The brand has invested in advertising and expanded its product line to include a range of items, making it one of the most successful outdoor brands on Amazon.

Amazon saw a surge in purchases of clear bags for stadiums due to increased security measures at sports venues and events. Clear bags are a convenient and affordable option which meets new security requirements, and Amazon’s wide selection and competitive pricing have made it a popular choice for consumers.

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