Envision Horizons’ Amazon Benchmarking Report

Receive A Comprehensive Analysis of Your Brand’s Performance on Amazon from Experts Within 48 Hours.

Using Envision Horizons’ advanced technology alongside top-notch third-party tooling, we assess your brand’s performance across crucial categories, giving you a comprehensive score out of a 100.

Amazon Benchmarking Report

How Do We Evaluate Your Brand’s Performance

Revenue Relative to the Category

We analyze various key factors to determine your brand’s revenue performance compared to the category. This includes the total number of reviews for your top product, average reviews in the subcategory, review ratings, feedback count, and feedback positivity. By assessing your product’s standing in the Best Seller Rank (BSR) and estimating your brand’s total revenue in the category, we provide you with actionable insights to maximize your revenue share.


Organic Visibility

Achieving high organic visibility is paramount to success on Amazon. Our report examines the number of keywords indexing for your brand and the search volume of all relevant keywords. This helps you understand your brand’s visibility and strategize to improve its discoverability.

Conversion Worthiness

Converting potential customers into loyal buyers is essential. Our experts evaluate your listing quality, including copy, title, number of images, and video content, ensuring your brand stands out. We also assess key factors, such as mobile optimization, to guarantee a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Competitiveness / Price

Pricing and competitiveness are vital aspects of Amazon’s success. Our report analyzes your brand’s pricing strategy and the profitability of your top product. We also assess the impact of your fulfillment method, Prime eligibility, and cross-channel price consistency. Additionally, we explore your competitive strategies, such as bundles, to strengthen your market position.

Armed with this comprehensive benchmarking report, you’ll gain a deep understanding of your brand’s performance on Amazon. Easily identify areas of opportunity, optimize your strategy, and start scaling your brand.

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