The Difference Between Amazon’s Choice & Best Seller Badge

To soothe the “analysis-paralysis,”  I answer the ever-popular question, “What is the difference between Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller badge?”
Published on June 7, 2019   |4 minute read

We’ve all seen them. The little black and orange badges represent Amazon’s Choice & Best Seller Badge. In this article, let us together learn the difference between them. They help narrow down our choices to ensure we choose the best product. However, I don’t know about you guys, but when I see those two badges, “Amazon’s Choice” and “Best Selling,” it almost makes the decision-making process harder for me.

Do I trust the thousands of consumers who are purchasing Product X or do I trust my friendly neighborhood Amazon and purchase Product Y?

To soothe the “analysis-paralysis,”  I answer the ever-popular question, “What is the difference between Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller badge?”

What is Amazon’s Choice?

Amazon’s Choice is a feature that algorithmically identifies the best product for a consumer’s search query. It narrow’s down the consumer’s variety of choices by giving Amazon’s “stamp of approval” on a specific product. Long story short: Amazon Choice highlights specific products.

The distinctive Black Badge that appears on these products often prompts the same question: “But whyyyyy is this Amazon’s Choice?” And the questions accumulate from there. Who is making this “Choice?”, Does it aggregate external performance? Is Amazon using the same A9 Algorithm or a different one when “Choosing?”

While Amazon likes to keep the exact criteria of the Badge of Honor pretty vague, let’s start with what we do know.

Amazon’s Choice Video

Badge Criteria

We have identified some of the contributing factors when trying to get that badge. First, we know the Badge is incredibly keyword sensitive. A one-stop-shop way of ordering products through the virtual assistant. Thus, a search for “hair clippers” versus “hair cutter” produces a different Amazon Choice item.

Reviews play a huge role in organic rank. Products with this badge are highly rated in user reviews. Essentially, the item has had many buyers satisfied with it. The following is a list of other criteria that go into allocating Amazon’s choice product:

  • Competitively priced
  • Popular with shoppers searching that keyword
  • A top seller in that category
  • Available to ship immediately
  • Eligible for Prime delivery
  • Lower return rate than similar products
  • Shipped by Amazon itself, if not sold by Amazon.

Amazon’s Choice items are becoming increasingly more important as these products naturally have more control and influence over consumer purchase intent.

What is Amazon’s “Best Seller” Badge?

Amazon’s “Best Seller” badge is another highlighting feature controlling consumers’ purchase intent. Brands have the power to optimize their account, create high-converting product detail pages, and enter the running for the Badge.

Badge Criteria

To get the Amazon Best Seller badge, brands need to optimize their listings to help drive traffic to their page to produce more conversions. Essentially, optimizing your listing includes improving product photos, building out your product description, and conducting extensive keyword research to identify competitive keywords.

Next, adjust your pricing to level the playing field. Consumers are navigating to a page to make a purchase. This also means they’re bargain shoppers. Most consumers will opt for the less expensive product given the features are similar.

Most Consumers = Most Sales = Best Seller

Some other pro-tips are utilizing Amazon Sponsored Advertisements as well as switching your products category. Do a little research to see where your product is selling the best and list it there. You may have a better chance of being able to win the Amazon Best Seller badge in that category.

Finally, check all the boxes in the Amazon Sales Velocity category to give yourself a boost. Some of the sales velocity criteria include:

  • High-Quality Images
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Prime eligible
  • Advertising methods
  • Coupons and promotions


While both badges have a high impact on consumer purchase intent, the main difference is brands have tangible ways to “control” if they’re awarded the Best Seller badge. I’m not saying if you implement all these changes you will 100% be awarded the badge. But, what I am saying, is you will be a tough competitor and will drastically increase these chances.

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