What You Need to Know About Amazon Project Zero

    Written by Maggy Fermo
    on July 18, 2019

    Amazon Project Zero

    Amazon Project Zero is a new program that leverages the combined strengths of Amazon and the brands that use the platform to drive counterfeit products and sellers to zero. Amazon recently announced this exciting project and many details are still unclear, but there are a number of things we already know. 

    Benefits of Amazon Project Zero

    Let’s start with the potential benefits of Project Zero. By utilizing what Amazon calls, their three powerful tools, brands will be able to eliminate counterfeit products and sellers completely.

    Automated Protections

    Amazon’s machine learning tools will continuously scan stores and proactively remove suspected counterfeits. Brands provide key data points about themselves such as their trademarks and logos. Then, Amazon can scan over 5 billion daily listing update attempts to identify the suspected counterfeits.

    Self-Service Counterfeit Removal Tool

    With this tool, Amazon claims brands will no longer need to contact them to remove a counterfeit listing. Instead, brands will be able to quickly and easily remove counterfeits themselves. Amazon will also use data from this tool to strengthen automated protections to better catch current counterfeit listings. Additionally, this allows for brands to be proactive rather than reactive for the future.

    Product Serialization Service

    Amazon will provide brands with a unique code for each unit manufactured by that brand. This enables them to scan and confirm the authenticity of every one of the brand products purchased on the marketplace. Through this service, Amazon can detect and stifle counterfeiting for each product unit before it reaches a customer.

    Laura Meyer, CEO and Founder of Envision Horizons, explains, “These counterfeiters have cost brands millions of dollars. From the negative reviews, brand loyalty loss, and broken trust.” She continues, “We’ve had several clients with issues with counterfeit products and sellers. I’m thrilled Amazon is taking steps to create a resolution.”

    Enrolling in Amazon Project Zero

    At the moment, Project Zero is an invite-only experience exclusive in the U.S. The retail giant claims to be adding brands as quickly as possible, but encourages unenrolled brands to join the waitlist.

    Brands who are eligible to enroll in Project Zero must have a government-registered trademark and have their brand enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. Additionally, while it’s not required for brands to serialize their products, it’s suspected those that do so will see the best results. Serializing products will hopefully stop counterfeits from reaching customers.

    Now, we’re all asking the same question: how does Amazon know who the counterfeits are? Envision Horizons Account Manager Kylie Sharp has first-hand experience of an Amazon blunder. When she was fighting to get a counterfeit seller removed, Amazon mistakenly removed her client's store.

    To combat this, they explain they’re providing brands with “an unprecedented level of responsibility.” The goal is to combine the strengths of Amazon and brands to drive counterfeits to zero. In order for this system to work, brands must maintain a high bar for accuracy in order to maintain their Project Zero privileges. Some processes in place to improve this accuracy are:

    1. Required training as part of Project Zero enrollment
    2. Monitoring Training to prevent misuse of the tools.

    This is a huge opportunity for brands as it gives them more protection and security on the platform. Not only does this improve the selling experience for brands currently on the marketplace, but it also entices brands who avoid selling on Amazon due to third-party sellers to reconsider.

    By providing this security measure, brands will be able to improve brand experience, build customer loyalty, and tap into millions in sales.