Adding Anti-Racism Banners to Your Amazon Storefront

    Written by Tristan Williams
    on September 09, 2021

    Consumers Care

    Today’s consumers are expecting more from the companies they buy from.

    In fact, 60% of respondents are optimistic that as companies begin to address social justice issues, we will see real change – and 62% believe companies can help normalize social justice conversations through their marketing and communications. (Source: Porter Novelli’s 2021 Business & Social Justice Study)

    More specifically, 85% of Americans expect companies to help address racial inequality, up from 81% in 2018. (Source: Porter-Novelli 2020 COVID-19 Tracker)

    Incorporating Messaging Into Amazon Creative 

    Amazon sellers have the opportunity to express their company values throughout their Creative. Amazon Storefronts are an extremely important Creative asset, as they enable sellers to create a branded experience for customers and allow brands to maintain their reputation on Amazon. Your storefront is where thousands of new customers will be introduced to your brand, and where your returning customers can go for a curated shopping experience. 

    The Point?

    Consumers want brands to take a stance on important social causes, specifically racial inequality, and the best place for Amazon sellers to do so is in their Amazon storefront. 

    While you can create custom anti-racism messaging that is specifically aligned with your brand values, Amazon currently provides sellers with a pre-built module in the Store Builder.

    Storefront Anti-Racism Banners

    You may have seen other Amazon brands show their support for movements against racial inequality through a simple black banner at the top of their storefront home page. This banner is available for any Amazon seller to add. 

    Hawthorne Storefront

    Steps to Add Anti-Racism Banners:

    • Go to Seller Central
    • Stores Tab > Manage Stores
    • Select your brand and click Edit Store
    • Open Store Builder, go to Home Page
    • In the gray column on the right select Header
    • Once in Edit Header located “Anti-Racism Banners” at the bottom
    • Check the box for Add "Stop Asian hate" banner to my header and/or Add a "Black lives matter" banner to my header.

    Once you check the boxes for adding a banner to your header, it should automatically appear on your storefront home page. If you check both boxes the banner will auto-rotate between displaying the two messages. These black banners with yellow and white text will automatically insert your brand name into the messages but are not otherwise customizable. 

    Anti-Racism Banner

    Anti-Racism Banner


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