Amazon Account Management Vs. AWS Managed Services

    Written by Tristan Williams
    on February 12, 2021

    Though AWS managed services and Amazon Account Management both aim to improve the seller experience on the Amazon platform, the two services have multiple key differences. 

    AWS (which stands for Amazon Web Services) is a subsidiary of Amazon. It provides on-demand cloud computing services and APIs to organizations, enterprises, and individuals. AWS uses a PAYG (pay-as-you-go) cloud computing payment method that charges based on usage.

    While AWS managed services are affiliated with parent company Amazon, Amazon account management is a comprehensive service provided by outside agencies to Amazon sellers. Full-service Amazon management firms handle everything from product marketing on Amazon to inventory management. Companies such as Envision Horizons offer account management services that include daily monitoring of the company’s Amazon account and listings, bi-weekly reporting, and live communication.

    At Envision Horizons, we do more than account management. We commit to helping companies better connect with their consumers on Amazon and Walmart. Our team of specialists provide a broad scope of e-commerce expertise in order to help businesses cultivate sustainable growth and embrace cutting-edge strategies. 

    Earlier this year, we received our first review on Clutch, an established B2B ratings and reviews platform. This review was provided by one of our clients, a DTC umbrella brand, for which we provided extensive Amazon account management and SEO services.

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    When asked what is the most impressive part of our partnership, our client said: 

    “Their ad spend optimization has been the most impressive thing about them. They've been a huge boost in our life. Beyond that, their expertise about the platform and knowledge of how the algorithm works are also impressive.

    If we're doing something on our website, we have to mirror that on Amazon, and vice versa. They help us keep our whole operation across our channels in sync, so everything's working efficiently, and we're getting the best return possible.”  — Business Analyst, Umbrella Brand

    Other Services & Highlights

    Amazon account management and SEO aren’t our only expertise. Our team is also known for other services including PPC, Walmart advertising, product detail page optimization, and specialty programming.

    In addition to our review with Clutch, another major industry leader, The Manifest, also acknowledged us as one of the top pay-per-click agencies in New York City. The Manifest features top firms and ranks them based on their market presence and ability to deliver. 

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    At Envision Horizons, we work with top brands to scale their businesses on Amazon and Walmart, and we want you to be our next partner. Get to know more about us! Contact us and let us help you grow your brand.