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Envision Horizons is seeking to change the industry with myHorizons through Amazon Brand Management Automation. Envision Horizons is on a mission to make selling on Amazon less stressful and more profitable by automating as much of Amazon brand management as possible. myHorizons is our software solution for sellers of all sizes.  How do you Automate […]
Written By Tristan Williams
Published on April 6, 2022   |5 minute read

Envision Horizons is seeking to change the industry with myHorizons through Amazon Brand Management Automation.

Envision Horizons is on a mission to make selling on Amazon less stressful and more profitable by automating as much of Amazon brand management as possible. myHorizons is our software solution for sellers of all sizes. 

How do you Automate Amazon Brand Management?

Five years of experience as an Amazon agency has allowed us to create a rule-based algorithm influenced by our own internal processes and checklists. Our algorithm builds a custom roadmap to help your brand identify key roadblocks and growth drivers for your business. Use the roadmap’s actionable insights and let technology do the heavy lifting, so that you can focus on strategy and growth. 

The myHorizons roadmap algorithm checks on your performance and runs through a series of questions to find areas of improvement. For example, if sales are trending down the algorithm will check inventory first to see if a high priority ASIN has been fluctuating in and out of stock. If so, your roadmap will display an inventory roadblock with an explanation for the problem and solution.

The roadmap is helpful for novices who need a little guidance on where to aim and helpful for larger companies who need repetitive checks automated. Instead of having to spend hours trying to track down problems, let the action insights tool do the hard work for you.

The myHorizons roadmap also displays growth drivers, which are areas that we believe your brand could excel in based on our years of experience managing 200+ brands. For example, our algorithm might conclude it would be beneficial to invest in multiple buy-boxes that you are not capitalizing on.

Amazon Brand Management Automation with myHorizons Roadmap
myHorizons Roadmap

Why Your Business Needs Amazon Brand Management Automation

Amazon is a game, and we want to give sellers of all sizes the tools to learn how to win. Everyone wants their business to be more profitable, but this doesn’t happen overnight. The key to improving profitability and growing sales on Amazon is setting and working towards micro-goals while balancing all of the other moving parts.

myHorizons allows you to spend time strategizing and achieving these micro-goals by bringing you…

Access Profitability Reporting 

  • Visualize profitability data by brand as a whole or down to ASIN level.

Measure Individual Product Goals & Pacing

  • Easily track performance by product with data that goes down to ASIN level

Gain Insight into Customer Behavior

  • Utilize pages such as dayparting analysis, returns analysis, and customer review analysis.

Consolidate Data from 80+ Amazon Reports 

  • Get a bird’s eye view of your overall performance on Amazon in minutes. Or dig deeper with ASIN level data on multiple pages.
  • View 25+ unique metrics not available in Seller Central, including LTV, Repurchase Rates, Forecasted Sales, etc.

Amazon Advertising Campaign Manager 

  • Bid adjusting software powered by our proprietary machine learning algorithms 

Internal Research Tools

  • Product and Keyword Lookup: Use the Product Lookup Table to search your products by Parent or Child and investigate a curated page. Use the Keyword Lookup Table to search your keywords and see where all they are applied. View a curated detail page for every keyword.
Amazon Brand Management Automation with myHorizons Trends Page
myHorizons Trends Page

Action Insights – A Guide For Novices and a Playbook for Experts

Envision Horizons is focused on Amazon brand management automation to benefit both novices and experts.

Sellers are dealing with too many moving parts and piecing together various software solutions. myHorizons alleviates that pain by providing one comprehensive solution. Whether you are new to the platform or an experienced seller, everyone benefits from automating Amazon brand management.

For novices, myHorizons will ease the learning curve and stress of selling on Amazon. 

myHorizons will identify roadblocks and growth drivers, and will also give you a detailed breakdown of the problem and explanation of our suggested solutions. myHorizons’ actionable insights will guide you through learning how to play the Amazon game. Efficiently transition from a novice to an expert, with pages like trends, amazon health, customer insights, advertising, and more.

For experts, myHorizons will allow you to save time and focus more on the bigger picture. Our users report saving over 5 hours every week using myHorizons! We believe that Amazon sellers need time to work ON their business instead of working IN their business. Sellers are spending valuable time working on Amazon tasks that can be automated/streamlined. With proper automation, this time could be spent researching, strategizing, and developing the best business possible.

For multi-channel sellers, automating brand management on Amazon allows you to better manage all of your other channels. 

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Envision Horizons is changing the industry by empowering brands with the tools to automate Amazon brand management.

myHorizons is constantly evolving with new features being rolled out consistently! myHorizons 2.0 is coming this April… Join our waitlist here for 75% off your first 90 days using myHorizons 2.0!


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