Amazon FBA Meltable Product Policy

    Written by Tristan Williams
    on June 16, 2021

    Amazon’s "Meltable Product Policy"

    If you’re an Amazon FBA seller with a heat sensitive product, you may have recently received this message from Amazon-

    We are writing to remind you that meltable inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers will be removed and disposed of for a fee starting April 15, 2021. You are receiving this reminder because you might still have inventory that is considered meltable. To avoid removal fees, submit removal orders for meltable inventory before April 15. For more information, go to “Remove inventory from a fulfillment center”:

    During the warmer summer months, Amazon’s FBA program will not keep meltable inventory. The FBA program will accept meltable products between October 16 - April 30th only. Inventory stored at FBA or arriving between April 30th - October 15th is marked unfulfillable and disposed of. 

    Why Does Amazon Have A Meltable Product Policy?

    Products that are Fulfilled by Amazon are subject to constant temperature fluctuations during the shipping process. Additionally, Amazon delivers to the customers’ address including to hotter parts of the country. Meltable products are especially susceptible to damage during storage and shipping in the warmer summer months. To prevent damage to heat-sensitive products, Amazon has rules for listing meltable ASINs in the FBA Program. The company explains that to protect product integrity during storage and shipping, products in fulfillment centers must be able to withstand summer temperatures ranging from 75 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit. As a brand owner (or distributor) selling a “meltable product”, you are responsible to comply with Amazon’s policies to ensure that your customers are receiving their purchased product intact and in good condition. 

    What Does Amazon Consider A “Melatable Product”?

    Perishable products and meltable products are two different things. Year-round, perishable products (that require refrigeration, air conditioning, or freezing) are prohibited from Amazon’s FBA program. 

    “Meltable products”, however, are different and only prohibited from FBA during summer months. According to Amazon, “Meltable” refers to all heat-sensitive products, including but not limited to chocolate, gummies, and select jelly- and wax-based products”  For more information, on what’s considered meltable, visit the Meltable FBA inventory page here. 

    Amazon has recently been flagging other heat-sensitive products too, such as makeup, as meltable. To see a list of meltable ASINs, download this excel sheet provided by Amazon: Meltable ASINs (Excel).

    What To Do If You're An Amazon FBA Seller With Meltable Inventory

    If you wish to remove your products, removal orders for meltable inventory must be submitted before April 15 of each year. For more information, visit Remove inventory from a fulfillment center.

    Amazon Sellers that have advanced fulfillment operations can still offer their heat-sensitive products on Amazon during the summer months, as long as they can prove their packaging design can protect the meltable items from quality damage caused by excessively hot or cold temperatures. Unfortunately, the packaging required to provide this additional protection can come at a higher cost. However, no customer wants a melted product. Sellers need to ensure their products can withstand the temperature fluctuations during shipping whether using FBA or FBM (fulfilled by merchant). 

    What To Do If Your ASIN Is Incorrectly Classified As Meltable

    Did your product get wrongly flagged as meltable on Amazon? If an ASIN in your catalog has been marked as meltable, but you read Amazon’s Meltable Product Policy and don’t believe it classifies as such, contact the manufacturer of the product. Amazon explains that if you believe your product should be exempt from the meltable category, you should get a letter from the manufacturer confirming that the ASIN can be stored at a maximum temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods. Then send the letter to Selling Support. 

    At Envision Horizons, we’ve seen a simple statement from the manufacturer explains that the product can withstand 155 degrees for extended periods of time will do the job. 

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