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The Envision Horizons team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our self-service software solution, MyHorizons! Starting in October, MyHorizons will be available to the public on a subscription basis. In addition to the SAAS launch, we’re hosting an invite-only beta program that includes FREE access for qualified Amazon sellers. Join the waitlist for […]
Published on August 31, 2021   |7 minute read

The Envision Horizons team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our self-service software solution, MyHorizons! Starting in October, MyHorizons will be available to the public on a subscription basis. In addition to the SAAS launch, we’re hosting an invite-only beta program that includes FREE access for qualified Amazon sellers. Join the waitlist for the beta program here and we’ll let you know if you qualify!


What is MyHorizons?

Our account managers are experts at optimizing client performance on Amazon, but in the early days of Envision Horizons, we noticed they spent a lot of time just trying to deal with seller central. Between the different report sections, clunky interfaces, and lack of cross-functional integration, just getting a clear picture of our clients’ account health could take hours. Our team wanted to prioritize strategy and growth initiatives, but a lot of their time was instead spent combing through seller central, trying to find business insights and pull custom reports.

MyHorizons was built to layer on top of seller central and do what the seller central reports don’t – provide a clear, bird’s-eye view of every aspect of your Amazon business. Imagine getting advertising statistics side-by-side with your total account sales, so you can see how advertising is growing your organic presence. We provide dozens of different reports, visualizations, and tools.

What can MyHorizons do for your business?

MyHorizons has been so valuable to our clients and account management team that we’ve decided to launch it as a SAAS product for the general public. No matter what your brand’s Amazon pain points are, we have a solution for you.

I’m a small seller who hasn’t had time to optimize my Amazon presence…

One pain point we often hear from small brands is that they don’t have time to learn and deal with Amazon as a channel. A lot of small businesses are selling on 4-5 channels, and lean teams need to be strict with time management. MyHorizons is a great tool because it makes it easy to check in on your Amazon presence without having to spend hours looking at different metrics. By streamlining your reporting for Amazon as a channel, MyHorizons can help you spend more time on driving growth and less time on figuring out seller central.

MyHorizons saves your team time on reporting, streamlines some of your most important tasks like inventory management, and offers weekly email reports to keep you in touch with your Amazon sales. For small teams, working with MyHorizons makes Amazon less intimidating and more digestible.

I’m a brand with a complicated supply chain struggling with inventory management…

One of the most important things to be on top of as an Amazon seller is your FBA inventory. Not only does running out of stock prevent sales, it actually negatively affects your search rank and can impact your brand for weeks or even months afterward. This is because Amazon uses sales velocity as part of its search ranking algorithm. At Envision Horizons, we know how important it is to stay on top of inventory. MyHorizons includes several features to help with inventory management and health.

One key feature of MyHorizons is the Inventory Management page, which allows you to create a custom inventory report with restocking recommendations. We look at your sell-through rate historically and use that to project how much inventory you need, and when. You can choose a lead period and even add an optional demand adjustment depending on your expectations for future sales. MyHorizons also will tell you Amazon’s maximum allowable shipment quantity for each SKU, so you know how much inventory you can request at any given time.

Another favorite feature on the platform is our estimates for the consequences of going out of inventory. MyHorizons will calculate how much in sales you lost because of restocking issues. This can be helpful when choosing how to allocate your inventory, so you know exactly how much going out of stock can hurt your sales.

I’m a marketer who wants to know more about my brand’s shoppers…

On Amazon, if your brand isn’t registered, it can be difficult to get insights about your shoppers. MyHorizons has an entire section dedicated to Customer Insights, where you can see information about the shoppers who purchase from you on Amazon. Learn where your shoppers are located geographically, what time of day they shop, and how frequently they return different products. We even offer an analysis of products that are frequently purchased together, so you can build bundles or start cross-advertising.

Another unique feature of MyHorizons is the ability to track repurchases on Amazon, so you can see what products your customers buy over and over. You can also see what percent of customers are new to your brand on Amazon, and use that information to evaluate your incremental customer acquisition strategy. With all this information at your fingertips, the only job left to do is for you to interpret it and turn it into an actionable marketing plan.

I’m a business owner concerned with the bigger picture…

We realize not everyone in a company is focused on Amazon all the time. For you, Amazon is just one part of your brand’s eCommerce strategy. That’s why we love the simplicity of MyHorizon’s reporting – it makes it easy to monitor your Amazon performance, without having to dedicate time to learning the intricacies of seller central. We also bring your performance statistics to you with weekly performance reports, so you can stay up-to-date without having to log in every day.

Another key metric for business owners is profitability. Amazon makes it difficult to analyze your margins on their platform for a reason – they don’t want business owners realizing just how much of their sales go to paying Amazon’s commission and various fees. MyHorizons includes tools to monitor your profitability and margins. Check your margins by-product on our Profitability by ASIN page, or look at your overall cash flow on our Payments page. You can even go to our FBA Fee audit to easily identify products that may have been mismeasured so you don’t get overcharged for fulfillment.

MyHorizons has something for everyone, whether you’re the primary owner of a small brand, an eCommerce manager, a warehouse manager, or a marketing specialist.

How can I learn more about MyHorizons?

MyHorizons will be available to the public starting in October as a monthly subscription. Your subscription fee will include access to all of our reporting, our review request tool, our user access management system, and multiple marketplace functionalities. We also have plans to release our advertising automation features to the public in 2022, as well as creating custom content available only to subscribers such as webinars and Q&A’s with our in-house expert team.

We’re currently accepting applications for our beta testing program, which includes FREE access to MyHorizons for 6 months upon completion of the program! Our beta testers have a unique opportunity to request new features and give feedback on the platform. If you are interested in joining our beta list, sign up below:


If your brand is looking for more support, we also recommend considering Envision Horizons’ account management services. All of our full-service clients get free access to the MyHorizons platform as part of their services agreement. Envision Horizons’ full-service offering is perfect for brands that are new to a platform, have a business of scale, and are seeking additional support & expertise in all areas of operations & marketing. Our team provides account management services, advertising services, PDP optimization services, as well as assistance with Creative, user experience, and strategy. Request a free audit below to see if your brand qualifies for a complimentary consultation from our experts. 


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