Best Ways To Send External Traffic To Amazon

In the last few years, Amazon has demonstrated a clear focus on encouraging sellers to drive external traffic to the platform. While still just a theory, many sellers believe that Amazon’s algorithm actually rewards sellers for driving external traffic to the platform. Whether or not this is true there are many other proven reasons why […]
Written By Tristan Williams
Published on December 17, 2021   |7 minute read

In the last few years, Amazon has demonstrated a clear focus on encouraging sellers to drive external traffic to the platform. While still just a theory, many sellers believe that Amazon’s algorithm actually rewards sellers for driving external traffic to the platform. Whether or not this is true there are many other proven reasons why you should be sending external traffic to boost your performance on Amazon…

Why Send External Traffic to Amazon?

Implementing a strategy for driving external traffic to Amazon does more for your brand than just boosting your sales. The additional sales will also improve your BSR and keyword rankings. Moreover, you get an edge over the competition because when you send traffic directly to your listing or storefront you don’t have to compete with other sellers in the SERP. Finally, it helps you develop relationships with new customers that you may not have otherwise reached.

General Best Practices When Driving External Traffic to Amazon

  • Consider where you want to send your external traffic. 

While some sellers might choose to send external traffic directly to a specific listing, there are other options that might be better aligned with your objectives. For example, consider sending traffic to your storefront to give the consumer a branded experience and let them explore your catalog to find the best option for them. Or send traffic to a designated landing page where you may want to collect email addresses in exchange for a coupon/discount code. 

  • Measure your performance

If you are investing in driving external traffic to Amazon, make sure you are tracking your performance so you can measure your ROI. Use the Amazon Attribution tool, which will provide data that gives you insight into how external channels are impacting your sales on Amazon.

Best Options for Sending External Traffic to Amazon

1. Paid Amazon Advertising

One of the most straightforward ways to drive external traffic to Amazon is through Sponsored Display ads. Amazon Sponsored Display ads are available to third-party sellers enrolled in Brand Registry, as well as Vendors. While the tool allows you to create display ads on and off of Amazon. This is important because your ads will not only be seen by customers across Amazon search results and product detail pages but they’ll also be shown to customers on third-party websites and apps. It’s pretty simple- these external features will drive external traffic to your listing.

2. Social Media Advertising

Around 20% of consumers start their search for products on social media. This makes paid advertising on social media a great way to reach new customers. You can run advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. 

Facebook Advertising allows you to get your ads in front of your target audience by giving you the ability to target specific interests and demographic groups. Through Facebook’s ad platform, you’re also able to create Instagram ads that will appear in users’ feeds. Utilize Instagram feeds or story advertisements. With your Amazon FBA account, you can easily create social media promotion codes. In your account dashboard, navigate to “Advertising” and click “Promotions” to get started. 

Pinterest is another great source to consider for paid advertising. Pinterest is an extremely visual platform with an emphasis on aesthetics, and the platform’s audience is majority female. This makes Pinterest ideal for products that are aesthetically pleasing mainly catered to women. Pinterest advertisements are often for items in the beauty or fashion categories.

Also, consider platforms like Youtube and Reddit for paid advertising. When done correctly, social media ads can have a powerful impact on your Amazon sales!

3. Affiliate Marketing / Influencers

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive external traffic to your Amazon product listings. Amazon Affiliate Program benefits both sellers and influencers by providing influencers with their own storefront that allows them to receive a small commission on products they help promote. 

Both social media influencers and bloggers can help you get your product in front of the right audience and bring in more sales. TikTok has become an especially huge platform for eCommerce. Check out our white paper on “How TikTok is Driving Amazon Sales” to learn more about TikTok’s impact.

Interest in using influencers but don’t know where to start? Either use a social media agency or reach out directly to connect with influencers and/or bloggers who produce content in your product category. Develop a strategy on how to promote the product through their content, determine pricing/payment, and iron out other details. Make sure your influencers are directing their followers to purchase your products on Amazon through a link in their bio, comment section, description, or blog post. If they participate in Amazon’s Affiliate program they can also list your product in their storefront to earn a small commission. 

Read our post on Using Amazon Influencers to learn more.

4. Email Marketing

If you have an existing email list, send out an email blast to your customers advertising a specific product or promotion. This can be especially effective if your email is timely and relevant. For example, around holidays like Valentine’s Day send out an email that’s on theme! If you sell a set of kitchen spices, let your subscribers know that it would be a perfect Valentine’s gift to give to their significant other for a romantic night cooking dinner together. Or if you’re looking to boost sales for a specific product in your catalog, send out an email blast that gives your subscribers a discount code they can use.

5. Earned Media 

Earned media (or earned content) is simply any publicity or exposure your brand gains from methods other than paid advertising. Any material written about you or your business that you haven’t paid for or created yourself is considered earned media. If you’re lucky enough to get a feature on Shark Tank or Good Morning America, you will likely see a spike in your Amazon sales. Make sure you are prepared with extra inventory if you are aware of an upcoming earned media feature for your brand. Even small earned media can have a bigger impact than you might expect. For example, if a Youtuber loves your product and decides to tell their followers about it, you may see a free wave of external traffic as a result. If you do experience a shoutout from an influencer who is well-aligned with your brand, we recommend connecting with them to say thanks and discuss future collaboration. Influencers who have a genuine interest in your product make great partners because they produce more authentic content.

6. Paid Media

While earned media is great, it’s usually not in your control. Consider also investing in paid media to drive external traffic. For example, get your product featured on a popular deal site. Or reach out to magazines that publish Amazon listicles to get your product included in their next list. Don’t know where to start? Identify some sites where you would like to be featured, and either enroll in their partner program or submit an inquiry. Though these features have fees, you will often see a great return on investment from the boost in sales. 

In Conclusion

Driving external traffic to Amazon is a powerful strategy that you should be taking advantage of! Boost your sales, improve BSR and rankings, tap into a new pool of potential customers, and possibly get rewarded by Amazon’s algorithm. 

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