Four Great Reasons To Be A MyHorizons Beta Tester

What is Beta Testing Beta testing is a type of user acceptance testing where the product team gives a nearly finished product to a group of target users to evaluate product performance in the real world. Beta testing can provide extremely valuable insights – genuine scenarios of interactions with a product. Beta testing can be […]
Written By Tristan Williams
Published on September 8, 2021   |6 minute read

What is Beta Testing

Beta testing is a type of user acceptance testing where the product team gives a nearly finished product to a group of target users to evaluate product performance in the real world. Beta testing can provide extremely valuable insights – genuine scenarios of interactions with a product. Beta testing can be open or closed. Closed beta (aka private beta) is released to a selected group of people who test its features. Usually, the number of test participants is limited. Open beta tests allow anyone to sign up for beta testing. (Source: xd.adobe.com)

myHorizons Beta Tester Qualifications

Beta testing for myHorizons is closed, meaning we have a limited number of spots available for participants. Potential beta testers can apply here by answering a few simple questions. Our software development team will review applications and select candidates based on the following: 

myHorizons Beta Tester Qualifications…

  • Selling on Amazon for over 6 months
  • Using Amazon Seller Central
  • Generating over 5K in revenue per month

Our software developers have chosen these qualifications because ideal participants must be in our target market to give the most relevant feedback. You can still apply to be a beta tester if you don’t meet our qualifications, as our developers will occasionally make exceptions. 


What does myHorizons Beta Participation Entail?

Participating in our beta test and utilizing myHorizons should save you time, not cost you. That’s why we’ve designed our beta test to be as helpful to you as possible with a small time commitment for providing feedback.

Beta testing begins with onboarding with one of our developers who will walk you through how to get set up with myHorizons. After you’re all set with the platform, you will occasionally be asked (across a 4 week period) if you would like to complete tasks within myHorzions. These tasks help you navigate the platform, use different features, and gain valuable insights about your Amazon business. You will be offered monetary incentives to complete certain tasks. There are 30 total tasks that take about 2 minutes each, and they are all are completely optional.

The only required commitment you will be making is to participate in two calls with a developer, a midpoint check-in, and an exit interview. The call length will depend on how much feedback you have to give, but will never exceed an hour.

Submitting an application to be a beta tester is not an automatic commitment to participate and complete these requirements. There will be an opportunity for you to communicate with someone from our team and ask questions before official onboarding.

Reason 1: Gain valuable insights that help you make key business decisions

Built by our team of talented software developers, myHorizons provides the insights you need to make business decisions with confidence. myHorizons provides you with the tools you need to manage a successful Amazon business without having to rely on Seller Central.

Selling internationally? myHorizons integrates Amazon’s top global marketplaces, allowing you to accomplish all your international eCommerce growth initiatives and analyze multiple Seller Central accounts in one convenient location.

Sales Analytics

  • Customized graphs on all sales metrics by ASIN
  • New to brand customers and retention rates
  • Organic sales rates
  • TACOS, AOV, LTV, etc.
  • Bundles and cross-selling SKU analysis

Customer Insights

  • Dayparting analysis
  • Sales by geographical location
  • Returns analysis
  • Customer reviews

Account Health

  • Inventory management
  • Listings status
  • Account alerts
  • Seller feedback
  • FBA fee audit

Advertising Analytics

  • Customized graphs on all advertising metrics by ASIN
  • Keyword analysis for proper keyword discovery
  • Advertising portfolio analysis

Business Insights

  • Forecasting analysis
  • Profitability by ASIN
  • Repurchase rates
  • Subscription rates

Dynamic Reporting

  • Trend graphs
  • Exportable tables
  • Customized graphs
  • Parent and child ASIN analysis


Reason 2: You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have a lot of free time 

A common concern from potential beta testers is that myHorizons will be difficult to use and end up eating a lot of their time. We are happy to report that our first round of beta testers felt that myHorizons was user-friendly and actually saved them a lot of time. 

“I found navigation to be a big issue with Seller Central- it often felt like a maze, even with months of experience using it. But with myHorizons, it was clear what data I could find and where- which was time-efficient for my daily routine. It never took me more than 30 seconds to figure out where I need to be.” – myHorizons Beta Tester

“​​I find myHorizons to be much more intuitive, and I like having a separate tool which gives you a snapshot of important information with the choice of granularity” -myHorizons Beta Tester

myHorizons is built to be user-friendly and help brands use data analytics in the most effective, intuitive way. We agree that Seller Central can be a time-suck and sometimes feel like a maze, and myHorizons is designed to help.

Reason 3: View your data by ASIN and alleviate other Seller Central pain points

Amazon’s abundance of data in Seller Central has the power to transform a brand’s performance, but data without granularity leads to unfocused decision-making. 

Today, myHorizons works with multiple Amazon APIs to leverage massive amounts of data and help brands better plan, target, and optimize their market strategies. The key to our approach is ASIN-level analytics stored in our database. Because other analytics providers, including Seller Central, look to display short-term bursts of summary data, long-term decision-making loses integrity, accuracy, and speed.  

myHorizons is fundamentally different. Once an account is created, all brand data is stored indefinitely and can be accessed down to an ASIN level to make calculated, targeted decisions. Enabling efficiency and unlocking significant value. 

“Given how much of a hassle it was to calculate basic things like repurchase rate and continuously adjusting our cohorts by last 12 months vs last 15 months, and then conduct analysis- this has alleviated that pain by 100%.” – myHorizons Beta Tester

“myHorizons solved one of my biggest pain points which is inventory forecasting which resulted in a lot of saved time” – myHorizons Beta Tester

“One of the things I found really helpful was looking at performance by ASIN. I am often asked for performance by-product to assess our goals per product, so it is really easy to dive in rather than pulling the reports and manually doing v-lookups by ASIN and manually group together the SKU’s.” – myHorizons Beta Tester


Reason 4: Receive Free Software Access and Exclusive Benefits

As a beta tester, you will gain free access to myHorizons for the entirety of the beta test, as well as for an additional 6 months after beta testing completes. Your experiences with the software will be forwarded back to our developers who will make final changes before releasing the software commercially. In addition to free access for 6 months, you will have the opportunity to earn monetary rewards as an incentive for completing simple tasks within myHorizons to test different features. 

100% of round 1 beta participants stated they were motivated by the given incentives



Our first-round beta testers agreed that they “got more than they gave” in terms of value.

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