How Amazon Is Using AI To Simplify Consumers’ Shopping Experience

    Written by Envision
    on March 17, 2020

    We are living in 2020 now so it seems fitting to discuss what’s been going on with AI as it relates to e-commerce. Artificial intelligence is a big topic right now and it makes sense companies are embracing it. Amazon has recently incorporated AI solutions to streamline the customer journey. 

    Amazon Go Stores

    Two years ago Amazon opened its first Amazon Go store to the public in Seattle. Now there are 26 stores throughout Seattle, New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. These cashier-less convenience stores allow consumers to walk in, grab what they need, and walk out, all without having to checkout in person. The Amazon Go App automatically charges customers for what they walked out with thanks to computer machine learning. Just as Amazon made it a precedent for consumers to get their online packages delivered in two days or less, they are now setting a precedent that consumers shouldn’t have to wait in line. It will be interesting to see what other retailers adopt this self service model. 

    StyleSnap On Amazon Mobile App

    Over the summer Amazon launched  StyleSnap on their mobile app. This feature allows you to snap or upload a photo of what you are searching for. From there the Amazon app will provide suggested product recommendations for similar products on Amazon. This creates a seamless shopping experience for consumers. The app lets consumers find exactly what they are looking for without even having to type in the search bar. Right now it is just to find similar products, but it will be cool to see how else Amazon implements this technology throughout the customer shopping experience. 

    What This means For Consumers

    Amazon incorporating AI into its customer experience makes purchasing one step easier. The less steps a customer has to take in the customer journey, the more likely it is they will purchase. Thanks to technology, consumers are able to get the products they want and need as easily as ever. Here at Envision Horizons we are excited to see what’s to come with AI.