How To Use Micro-Influencers To Boost Sales On Amazon

One of the most effective ways to expose people to your brand and product on Amazon is influencer marketing. Envision Horizons CEO, Laura Meyer, interviewed Socialfly’s Director of Influencer Marketing, Pamela Ciprian. She shared her professional opinions and advice on using influencers to boost eCommerce sales in the interview. In addition, we recapped vital takeaways from the […]
Written By Tristan Williams
Published on May 14, 2021   |6 minute read

One of the most effective ways to expose people to your brand and product on Amazon is influencer marketing. Envision Horizons CEO, Laura Meyer, interviewed Socialfly’s Director of Influencer Marketing, Pamela Ciprian. She shared her professional opinions and advice on using influencers to boost eCommerce sales in the interview. In addition, we recapped vital takeaways from the discussion and expanded on valuable insights.  

Why You Should You Start Using Influencer Marketing

According to Statista “Influencer marketing is on the rise, which is made apparent by the recently released figures indicating that value of this specific market more than doubled between 2019 and 2021, growing from 6.5 billion to 13.8 billion U.S. dollars in the three years alone.” According to the Edelman report, 63% of consumers say “I trust what influencers say about brands much more than what brands say about themselves in their advertising”. Additionally, nearly 60% of consumers have bought a product within the last six months because of an influencer’s recommendation. The proof is in the numbers, if you’re not utilizing influencer marketing, you’re missing out on sales. 

The Advantages of Using Micro-Influencers

When it comes to influencers driving e-commerce sales, the number of followers isn’t necessarily the most critical factor. Micro-influencers have between 1,000 to 1,000,000 followers and are considered experts in their niches. These micro-influencers with smaller niche audiences can be very effective at getting conversions. Sometimes, influencers are more trusted sources by their followers. They have also established expertise in their niche with high engagement rates. Also, they interact more frequently with their audience, responding to follower comments and questions.

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Choosing the Best Influencers and The Importance of Authenticity

Pamela Ciprian explained that when choosing what type of influencer is right for you, “it all comes back to the brand objectives.” When it comes to audience, Pam says, “no matter the size of the influencer, it is important to consider who their audience is and what their engagement rates are”. As a brand, you need to know “how many people are looking to [the influencer] to promote products and get recommendations”. Pamela states that another important factor in your search for influencers is to “find people that you can authentically connect with”, explaining that “whatever the category you are in, you want to find influencers that believe in your product”. Pam says, “The first thing is that authenticity is key on social media. If they’re not authentically promoting and recommending [your product], it’s going to come across in the content.”

Finding The Right Influencers for Your Brand

Beginning the search for perfect influencers for your brand can seem like an overwhelming task. Pamela recommends partnering with an agency such as her company, Socialfly, which already has an established network of connections with influencers. Agencies like Socialfly have the necessary expertise and understand how to help brands tap into the right partners. In addition, they have already garnered a following from the demographic you want to target.  

How to Get the Most out of Influencer Marketing

You can use influencers to promote your products, for instance, affiliate links, Instagram takeovers, giveaways, custom discount codes, etc. Choosing the right platform to advertise on is also essential. Pam explains that there “is no platform right now that is only for one generation. There are certain platforms geared toward the younger demographic. However, we’re seeing now that those lines are getting blurred. Older people are now using platforms like TikTok that were originally for the younger audience. It’s about finding the right people that can reach your target demographic and looking at the data behind what their audience looks like.” In terms of content type, Pam explains video and dynamic content is the most popular type of content right now. “Content that is not just static images, but shows the product in action has that thumb-stopping power”.

Setting Goals and Tracking Metrics for Influencer Marketing

When it comes to seeing a return on your investment, Pam went over some best practices. She explains that “making sure everything is trackable and setting clear KPIs in the forefront” is key. The metrics you will track are dependent on your campaign objective. Pam explains that setting a budget should also be related to your main objective. She explains that, for example, “if you’re looking to drive sales, you need to have a more substantial investment”. 

In Conclusion

Pam concludes that the most important takeaways for brands interested in influencer marketing are to  “Define what your objective and what exactly are you trying to accomplish as well as how you will measure success, establishing who your target audience is very specific, and making sure that you are approaching an influencer campaign as a partnership”. Pam explains approaching the campaign as a partnership means collaborating and giving the influencer the creative freedom to create content in their voice with their real take on the product while ensuring that your brand message is still coming across. For more great insights watch the full interview on Youtube here and visit Socialfly’s website or message them at info@socialflyny.com for more information on their services. 

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