Amazon Live and Livestreaming E-Commerce

    Written by Tristan Williams
    on April 09, 2021

    What is Amazon Live?

    Amazon Live is a livestreaming service that allows sellers to show off their products by hosting livestreams for customers on the platform. Amazon Live changes the shopping experience by bringing interactive video that gives brands the ability to showcase and demo their products while also engaging with shoppers in real-time through the live chat. Any products that are shown in the livestream are displayed on the page in a carousel for easy access to purchase.

    Brands can host their own livestreams or pay to have an Amazon host promote their product. Hosts are often plugging promotions such as Lightning Deals and seasonal promos like Prime Day Steals. 

    Who’s watching?

    According to recent research, Gen Z is likely to discover more brands online than other generations. Younger consumers are already very familiar with online video and social media, and they are able to enter the world of livestream shopping seamlessly. 

    Though online shopping through livestreams is still growing in popularity in the United States, livestreaming e-commerce in China is already huge. 

    According to Forbes, livestreaming e-commerce is already estimated to be $60 billion annually in China. In 2019, over 430 million people (about 30% of China’s population) viewed livestreams. In 2019 approximately 37% of China’s online shoppers made livestream purchases. While it has been driven by Generation Z and Millennials, middle-aged Chinese and seniors are also jumping on the trend. Livestream e-commerce in the United States is still in its infancy. Even if you aren’t ready to become an early adopter, this is a trend to keep an eye on. 

    Amazon Live Attracting Beauty Brands

    During the pandemic, a growing number of beauty brands took advantage of livestream shopping. The amount of beauty brands creating both IG Live and Amazon Live shoppable videos has surged in 2020. Brands using Amazon Live attract viewers through celebrity appearances and exclusive discounts.

    Amazon hosted a “Beauty Haul Live” event this September, which featured Flawless by Gabrielle Union, and Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba. Other participating beauty brands were big names like Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Elemis, and Follain. The event spanned over 11 hours, with guest appearances from celebrity founders Gabrielle and Jessica, and appearances from many other popular beauty influencers. During the livestreams, 70 special discounts were offered to viewers. The combination of celebrity hosts sharing their favorite products and the opportunity for exclusive promo codes only available during the live streams drew large crowds of viewers. During Beauty Independent's "Selling on Amazon" webinar, panelists dove into the working relationships between beauty brands and Amazon and explored the opportunities and challenges of leveraging the platform. Watch the recorded roundtable now to hear their valuable insights, including their thoughts on Amazon Live!

    Looking to get your brand involved? Read through Amazon’s list of livestreaming best practices. Whether you are ready to hop on the wave or are just curious about the prospect, livestreaming e-commerce is definitely a trend to keep an eye on. For more e-commerce tips and industry insight, subscribe to our newsletter and our Youtube channel!


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