Jun 16, 2021

      Amazon FBA Meltable Product Policy

      Amazon’s "Meltable Product Policy" If you’re an Amazon FBA seller with a heat sensitive product, you may have recently received this message from Amaz...

      Jun 10, 2021

      Cross-Selling and Using Purchase Combinations on Amazon

      Why You Should Be Cross-Selling on Amazon One of the most appealing aspects of Amazon’s platform is the ability to strategically motivate customers to...

      Jun 07, 2021

      Common Mistakes That Can Get Your Account Suspended on Amazon

      Common Mistakes Episode 6: Doing Sh*t That Gets You Suspended on Amazon In the ever-changing world of eCommerce, navigating the world’s largest online...

      Jun 04, 2021

      How to make your creative assets stand out on Amazon

      This week Envision Horizons CEO, Laura Meyer, interviewed Endia Turney from Soona to get her expert advice on making your creative assets stand out fr...

      Jun 02, 2021

      How Sellers Can Prepare For Amazon Prime Day 2021

      This week Amazon announced that Prime Day will kick off June 21 at midnight Pacific time (3 a.m. Eastern) and run through June 22. We summarized takea...

      May 26, 2021

      Using Amazon Return Data To Your Advantage and Reducing Return Rates

      Common Mistakes Episode 5: Not Using Amazon Return Data to Your Advantage In the ever-changing world of eCommerce, navigating the world’s largest onli...

      May 14, 2021

      How to Use Micro-Influencers to Boost Sales on Amazon

      May 12, 2021

      ASIN Profitability and Using Product Variations on Amazon

      Overview Tracking ASIN Profitability with myHorizons Product Variations - Parent vs Child ASINs Explained Parent-Child ASIN Best Practices Advantages ...

      Apr 15, 2021

      How TikTok is Driving Sales on Amazon

      As TikTok has boomed in popularity over the past few years, it’s proven to be a powerhouse in driving sales on Amazon. Consumers sharing their favorit...