Using Amazon Influencers to Drive Sales

    Written by Tristan Williams
    on December 06, 2021

    What You Need to Know About Working with Amazon Influencers

    In the last few years, Amazon has demonstrated a clear focus on encouraging sellers to drive external traffic to the platform. Initiatives like the Amazon Influencer Program have allowed influencer marketing to become an effective way to drive Amazon sales. 

    For Amazon sellers who are interested in influencer marketing, it makes the most sense to partner with influencers who are connected to Amazon. Here’s what you need to know about Amazon influencers and affiliates...

    The Amazon Influencer Program vs Amazon Associates Program

    Through the Amazon affiliate marketing program, influencers can promote products on their channels using custom links. They then receive a commission on items their followers purchase through the link. 

    The Amazon Influencer Program is an extension to the existing online Associate's program for social media influencers, and it operates differently. The main difference between the programs is that through Associates, affiliates post links on their own platforms leading traffic to Amazon while through the Influencer program influencers have their own storefronts on Amazon and Amazon URL. 

    How Does the Amazon Influencer Program Work?

    While affiliate marketing links work best for bloggers or influencers with their own websites, the influencer program is intended more specifically for social media influencers. The Amazon Influencer Program allows influencers to set up a custom storefront that lives within Amazon. In their storefront, influencers can endorse any product sold on Amazon. Products they list are directly linked to the product listing for easy purchasing. This way, influencers are able to promote items from many different companies in one place. 

    Oftentimes, influencers will separate their storefront into categories. For example, an influencer might have categories called “My favorite fashion items”, “Makeup I love” and “Home goods”. Another influencer might separate their storefront into categories like “Holiday gift ideas”, “Apartment essentials” and “Pet products”. Sometimes, influencers will categorize their storefront in a way that will easily allow followers to find a product they mentioned in a specific video. For example, categories like “December Clothing Haul” or “Amazon Favorites Video 2” group together all the products an influencer may have mentioned in a post or video on their channel. 

    How to Find Amazon Influencers

    It is mainly up to the influencer to pick which brands they would like to promote on their storefront. This means that if your product is not organically chosen by the influencer, you (as the seller) must contact the influencer and pitch your brand/products to get on their storefront page. For opportunities to connect, there are programs that allow you to search for or connect with Amazon influencers and filter by reach and category. It is important to find the right influencer for your brand. 

    Choosing the Right Influencers for Your Brand

    When it comes to choosing what type of influencer is right for you, there are different benefits to using both micro and macro/established influencers. No matter the size of the influencer, it is important to consider who their audience is and what their engagement rates are. As a brand, you need to know how many people are actually looking to the influencer to promote products and get recommendations. Another important factor to consider when selecting an influencer is authenticity. Whatever the category you are in, you want to find influencers that believe in your product. If an influencer is not authentically promoting and recommending your product, it’s going to come across in the content. Read more on finding the right influencer for your brand.

    How to Effectively Use Influencers to Drive Amazon Sales

    We have found that it is a best practice to have influencers produce and post content for your brand (in the form of a post or video) and direct viewers to purchase your product through a link in the description/caption or their storefront. This way, your brand will end up paying the influencer for both content and results. They are paid a set fee for the content but will earn additional commission if their content actually persuades their followers to make a purchase. 

    How Envision Horizons Utilizes Influencers

    At Envision Horizons, our team assists clients in connecting with the right influencers for their brand. Our focus for 2022 is continuing to expand our network of over 200 TikTok influencers in a variety of categories. We have found TikTok to be an extremely effective platform for driving sales on Amazon for our clients. Read more on how TikTok influences Amazon sales here

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