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Our clients are some of the best high-growth & enterprise brands out there.

We are a growing company with a people-first culture

Our Core Values

Be a leader
  • We approach problems with new ideas and solutions.
  • We provide direct and honest communication with both internal and external stakeholders
  • We welcome opinionated team members who can share their thoughts in a respectful and professional way.
get it done
  • We take action. We don’t just talk about ideas, we make them happen.
  • We strive to be incredibly organized to better prioritize what needs to get done
  • We are resourceful. We ask others or find the answer ourselves when learning new things and tackling a challenging task
Be Inquisitive
  • We have a hunger and curiosity for continued learning.
  • We are always testing. We actively test and learn what works and also fail forward with things that do not work.
  • We read, network, mentor and learn new skills both in and outside of work.
Have Humility
  • We approach conflict internally and externally with active listening and compassion. We avoid defensiveness when we are confronted or receiving feedback.
  • We admit when we are wrong and view it as a learning opportunity.
  • We “say the thing”. We are not afraid to communicate directly. We actively avoid backchanneling.

We are remote first

We embrace remote work and provide location-flexible job opportunities.

We advocate for work-life balance, celebrate our differences, and collaborate across geographical borders. Seem like a fit for you?

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Company Culture

Remote Flexibility

Don’t want to return to the office? No sweat.

At Envision Horizons, we are 100% remote with team members all over the US and abroad. Our remote work culture enables our team to build careers they love while balancing family, health, and personal priorities. We encourage team members to work with their managers and peers to carve out a schedule that works for them.

We are committed to the remote culture we’ve built and can proudly say that we will never enforce a return to office mandate for our team members.

Growth Opportunities

Top performers are highly rewarded at Envision Horizons.

Our best Account Managers have moved on to become Account Directors, Advertising Specialists, and even taken on Director and Vice President level roles within the organization. We take time to work with each individual team member to carve out career trajectories that align with their goals.

Every team member at Envision Horizons has the ability to impact our organization in a meaningful way. We actively seek out and hire team members who have what it takes to become future leaders in our industry. With an organization packed with strong leaders we all have the opportunity to build something truly excellent.

Collaborative Environment

Remote work doesn’t have to be isolating!

We are a team of collaborators. Team members have the opportunity to problem solve together in weekly account reviews and war rooms. Our team is highly active on Slack utilizing a number of threads for focused and productive discussion. Feedback flows freely between teams and facilitates an “always improving” environment within our organization.

We mentor, motivate, and lean on each other. Our collaborative environment builds trust and connection. It helps us solve problems creatively. And it enables us to deliver great work for our clients.

Community & Connection

Our remote teams stay connected through virtual events and activities.

We celebrate milestones and wins and we keep things fun by making time for online games and virtual social activities.

We welcome diversity, uniqueness, and a sense of humor to build a strong community within our organization. At Envision Horizons, we build strong bonds despite the distance.

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