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Our clients are some of the most enterprising Amazon brand owners out there. Aligning ourselves with their objectives requires an equally enterprising team.

We are strategically building a team capable of meeting the challenges presented in today’s e-commerce landscape.

We are a growing company with a people-first culture.

We are a growing company with a people-first culture.

Our Core Values
Be A Boss
  • Be a self-starter
  • Communicate directly and honestly
  • Focus on improvement and growth
  • Understand the “WHY” behind all decisions.
Get it Done
  • Identify problems and recommend solutions
  • Drive outcomes
  • Strategically prioritize
  • Strive to be your most productive self
  • Don’t leave tasks open-ended – eliminate the monkey
Be Human
  • Live by the “golden rule”
  • Seek to understand before reacting
  • Celebrate authenticity and diversity
  • Stay humble
Envision Horizons team in a meeting.

We Are Remote First

We believe that job opportunity should not be capped by your location and design our operations to fit the remote work landscape.

We advocate for work-life balance, celebrate our differences, and collaborate across geographical borders. Seem like a fit for you? Join our team!


Steven Bell

Director of Client Services

“My favorite part about working for Envision Horizons is having the autonomy to manage myself and my work, as well as the incredible opportunity for career growth.”


Kevin Ting

Senior Account Manager

“At Envision Horizons, our goals are truly aligned with each of our clients. When they win, we win, and vice versa. I view myself as an extension of their team rather than being in a client relationship. It’s always extremely rewarding when I see a plan I put together come to fruition and exceed expectations.


Makenzie O'Neill

Human Resource Manager and Operations

“Being part of a small, dedicated team makes each person so much more than just a number. I love starting the day off with our Team Huddles and spending a few minutes chatting about our lives outside of work…” 

Our Current Openings

Perks & benefits

Remote Work

We offer remote environment so you can work in the place that best suits your lifestyle.


We offer full health benefits
and and generous
paid time off.

Growth & Development

A team that is as passionate about e-commerce as you are.

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