How Brands Can Leverage First-Party Amazon Data

for Market Trends & Product Development

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In today’s crowded ecommerce landscape, leveraging data to inform product innovation is key to maintaining a competitive edge. For brands selling on Amazon, the platform offers a wealth of first-party insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and opportunities for new product development.

In this free eBook from Envision Horizons and
Helium 10, we guide readers through understanding the overwhelming amount of data now available and provide actionable strategies for using these insights to identify, validate, launch and optimize new products aligned to current market needs.

By leveraging Amazon’s robust data and reports, brands can bring data-backed offerings to market fueled by consumer insights, accelerate sales velocity, and stay ahead of the competition.

Learn how to unlock the power of Amazon data to boost innovation and drive results.

1. Amazon Seller Central Data: Types of data available: search terms, browsing behavior, sales velocity, reviews, conversion rates, demographics etc. Recent expansions of Amazon reporting capabilities like the Insights Dashboard. Using native reports to uncover market trends and optimization opportunities.

2. Amazon Advertising Data: Performance data from Sponsored Ads: campaign metrics, attribution, keyword analytics. Automated bid optimization tools. Cross-analysis with business data from Seller Central. Develop strategies based on advertising insights.

3. External Data Sources: Google Trends for validation and cross-checking trends. Third party market research firms providing additional consumer survey data. Data integrations like online community forums and social listening. Supplement internal data with outside perspectives.

4. Helium 10 Tools and Data: Helium 10 capabilities overview: keyword research, listing optimization, competitor analytics, product discovery. Insights Dashboard centralizing data. Real business examples and use cases demonstrating value of data.

Leveraging Amazon’s data for market trends and product development

It’s time to pave the way for your brand’s success and harness the immense power of Amazon.
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