Discover How Gen Z Shops on Amazon in Our Latest Report

Get exclusive insights on Gen Z’s purchasing habits to optimize your Amazon marketing

Gen Z Report

Gen Z represents the future of e-commerce. Born between 1997 and 2012, this cohort already accounts for over 60 million consumers in the US.

But how does Gen Z actually shop on Amazon and other online retailers? What impacts their path to purchase?

We surveyed over 250 Gen Z consumers to uncover key trends on:

  • How they discover and research new products
  • The impact of reviews, ratings, and Amazon badges
  • Their attitudes towards promos, discounts and sales
  • How long they consider a purchase before buying
  • The influence of live streaming and influencers

Our exclusive report distills these insights into actionable recommendations to help brands and sellers optimize their Amazon presence.


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You’ll learn:

  • The top channels Gen Z uses to find new products

  • Strategies to build trust and social proof with Gen Z

  • Tips for competitive pricing / promotions

  • How to cater product pages and ads to lengthy research cycles

  • And More!