How Brands Should Hire for Amazon Management

A Hiring Guide For the Amazon Channel

A full 15 page guide on hiring internally or hiring an agency, plus a bonus downloadable RFP template with questions and details on how to receive the best RFPs from agencies!
20+ Strategies for Improving Amazon Margins eBook Cover

The Ultimate Guide to
Understanding & Improving
Profitability on Amazon

Amazon Profitability eBook

This guide should serve as a resource for Executives, HR and hiring managers looking to build out or expand the Amazon channel. Whether building out internal capabilities or outsourcing to an agency, we cover it all.

The Ultimate Guide to
Hiring for Amazon – Whether Managing Internally or Engaging an Agency

The Importance of Profitability on Amazon

THe Cost of Selling On Amazon

Breakdown of Amazon Fees

Seller vs Vendor Central

What % of Sales Should Your FBA Fees Be

Measuring Profitability and Profit Benchmarking

How to Accurately Measure Profitability on Amazon

Understanding Asin Profitability

How to Increase Profit Immediately

How Product Pricing Affects Profitability

Removing Excess Inventory

Amazon FBA

What Kind of FBA Discrepancies are Reimbursable

Amazon Account Audit Types

Where Should You Start

Discover How Leading Brands Manage Amazon

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