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Winky Lux Case Study

The Amazon Beauty Breakthrough

Winky Lux’s Sales

Soar to New Heights!

Discover how Winky Lux saw 246% growth in total sales withi just 12 months

of partnership with Envision Horizons. Higher Ad Sales, Lower ACOS &

TACOS, Higher Profit Margins, and More.

Envision Horizons provides you expert, full service support for selling on Amazon

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While we are experts

at all things


We beleive that Amazon si only one pice (a large

piece!) of the entire retail pie.

Our partners sell not only on Amazon, but in retailers like Target, Sephora,

Ulta, Nordstrom and Walmart. Understanding omni-channel dynamics is

vital in this inter-connected, digital world. Our expertise is in connecting

these dots to make the best of the Amazon channel.

The numbers speak for themselves

On average, our clients’ sales grow +220% in the first 12 months of partnership.

Envision Horizons' Clients

An Amazon Agency

With All the Right Moves

Paid Media Management

Full funnel Amazon advertising from sponsored ads to DSP. Attribution links allow us to see what impact Amazon ads have on your entire eCommerce business.

External Traffic

External traffic drives the Amazon flywheel. Leveraging our internal network and expertise to drive your brand exposure on & off Amazon is our goal.

Management Software

Seller Central reporting is bad. Our analytics & reporting tool is available to all clients and was built to provide easily accessible reporting and metrics not found elsewhere. Measuring LTV of your customers, repurchase rates, advertising performance & more.

A Full Service Offering

Our brands under management are on pace to do hundreds of millions of dollars in sales on Amazon alone. From inventory forecasting to creative refreshes, we provide full service support while keeping omni-channel in mind.

Fast Channel Growth

for Our Partners

Learn how Envision Horizons agency services can grow your business

amazon beauty brand case study

A Beauty Brand Case Study

The Challenge

An established beauty brand hired Envision Horizons for full service account management. The brand had aggressive sales goals and wanted to migrate from Vendor Central to Seller Central.

The Solution

Upgrade product detail page imagery, SEO, and enhanced brand content

Diversify revenue through the creation of multiple top-selling SKUs

Implement aggressive PPC strategies that target higher ad budgets and lower ACOS

The Solution


Increased new to brand customers by 94%


Decreased ACOS by 38% with higher advertising spend


Increased total sales by 74% in the first 6 months of the partnership

Making Amazon

Less Stressful and

More Profitable

At Envision Horizons we make selling on Amazon

less stressful and more profitable through

dedication, education, and transparency.

The EH team promises to be responsive, respectful, and fully invested in your business. Our team of experts combines strategy, creativity, and proprietary technology to optimize all of the moving parts needed to scale our clients’ profitability and market share. We analyze advertising, product positioning, and customer experience to build strategies to ensure our clients are always acquiring incremental customers.

selling on amazon

What our clients have to say

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Kayla Franco

Kayla Franco

Thinx, Inc.

We love working with Envision Horizons, and they’ve been great partners to us.”

“Since Envision Horizons joined the project, the client’s organic sales have jumped from 22% to 36%. The company’s business growth has also soared to 428% thanks to the team’s exceptional capabilities. Highly accessible and organized, they provide quality results and establish a smooth workflow."


ZIIP Cover Image
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Kayla Franco

David Mason

Co-Founder of ZIIP

We always knew going on Amazon would require a partner with serious expertise and up-to-date insight.”

That had to be the case not just for the platform itself, but for our specific category, which is luxury beauty. Envision Horizons has completely delivered—their guidance has been spot-on, and their recommendations helped us successfully launch and grow our business in a way that both reflected our brand and optimized our story for the Amazon customer.


Glow Concept Cover Image
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Nathan Newman

Nathan Newman

COO & Co-Founder of Glow Concept

Happy to say that we highly recommend them!”

Winky Lux has used different agencies in the past. When we signed up for Envision Horizons, we really didn’t expect to be doing so well. I always thought the agency would manage our current workload, but Envision Horizons has really taken our sales, marketing, and ops to another level. I have also referred them to other portfolio companies, and friends.


Healfast Cover Image
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Justin Samra

Justin Samra

CEO of HealFast

With Envision Horizons’ help, HealFast’s Amazon presence has consistently grown ~20% MoM and ~300-500% YoY, with higher sales and lower issues targets being reached monthly.”

Envision Horizons does a great job navigating and communicating the difficulties encountered by Amazon’s policies. Aside from a direct line to Bezos, they exhaust all strategies and options in the pursuit of serving their customers.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you automate Brand Management on Amazon?

    Five years of experience as a solutions provider for Amazon has allowed us to create a rule-based algorithm influenced by our own internal processes and checklist.

    How much does full service account management cost at Envision Horizons?

    Envision Horizons full-service account management pricing begins at $5000 per month and scales up depending on your total number of ASINs. Apply for a complimentary audit for a quote.

    Can Envision Horizons help me with listing suppressions, brand health issues, and other Amazon obstacles?

    Yes, Envision Horizons is here to help you navigate complicated Amazon obstacles. Our team of account coordinators offers 24/7 coverage of your account to expedite resolutions.

    Can Envision Horizons help with inventory management?

    Yes, Envision Horizons’ account analysts are here to help you perfect your inventory management strategy! Envision Horizons will provide FBA replenishment reports and when requested, will create forward-looking inventory demand planning reports. We will also create an actionable plan to improve and maintain a high IPI score.

    Does Envision Horizons support international expansion?

    Yes, as an add-on service Envision Horizons will support you in your expansion to international marketplaces.

    Can Envision Horizons help me with customer service and positive reviews?

    Envision Horizons practices review generation that is 100% compliant with Amazon policy. We will teach your internal customer service on Amazon compliant behavior. As an add-on service Envision Horizons can offer direct customer support.

    Can Envision Horizons help me enroll in programs such as Premium Beauty?

    Where the client is eligible, Envision Horizons will advocate and apply for them to be in an Amazon program.

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