How to Find Storefronts on Amazon

We’re defining Amazon storefront, explaining how to find storefronts on Amazon (as well as in the app), who can create an Amazon store, how to set up an Amazon store, and best practices for Amazon storefronts… What is an Amazon Storefront? What is an Amazon Store?  Amazon Storefronts, also known as Amazon Stores and Amazon […]
Written By Tristan Williams
Published on January 18, 2023   |9 minute read

We’re defining Amazon storefront, explaining how to find storefronts on Amazon (as well as in the app), who can create an Amazon store, how to set up an Amazon store, and best practices for Amazon storefronts…

What is an Amazon Storefront? What is an Amazon Store? 

Amazon Storefronts, also known as Amazon Stores and Amazon Brand Stores, give Amazon sellers an easy way to create a signature store to showcase and sell their products on Amazon. They provide customers with a personalized and engaging shopping experience – enabling them to browse lots of products quickly, efficiently, and in an environment that reflects the seller’s own brand identity. 

With Amazon Stores sellers have access to in-depth analytics detailing the performance of their stores which allows them to tailor content, customize marketing messages, and refine the customer experience in order to increase conversions. Amazon Storefronts provide customers with a one-stop shop for shopping top-selling items directly from Amazon’s largest brands.

Amazon Brand Stores

For customers, another benefit of shopping from a branded Amazon storefront is the assurance that they are purchasing from the brand itself, and not a third party reseller. 

Learn more about how to avoid scam sellers on Amazon.

Amazon Storefront Search: How to Find Amazon Store Fronts

How to View Amazon Storefronts /How to Find an Amazon Storefront

In the video below, we review how to find a specific brand’s storefront on Amazon. It is important to note that not all brands have Amazon stores! Only sellers who are “brand registered” are eligible to create storefronts, and some brand registered brands have not yet optimized their stores for customers. 

How to Find Storefronts on Amazon App

A lot of Amazon customers also ask the questions “How do you find Amazon storefronts on the Amazon app?”. In the image below, you can see that within the Amazon app you can access a brand’s storefront from the search results page, or the product detail page. Simply click the “Shop Cocokind Store” to be taken to Cocokind’s mobile brand storefront.

Find Storefronts on Amazon App

How to Shop Storefronts on Amazon

In the video above, we also review how to navigate through a brand’s storefront once you’re in. There are various ways for customers to engage with the brand, including “following” them for deals/promos or looking through their Amazon Posts.

Amazon Storefront Tabs

Storefront tabs are designed to enhance the customer shopping experience. For example, a skincare brand with a wide range of products might consider dividing up their families of products into tabs titled “dry skin”, “combination skin”, “oily skin”, and “sensitive skin” to help customers find the products that are best for them. Additionally, many brands implement a bestsellers page, an FAQ page, or an about the brand page. 

For Amazon Sellers:

Who Can Create an Amazon Store?

Stores are available for Amazon sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, as well as vendors and agencies. You do not need to advertise on Amazon to create a Store. Learn more about how to qualify for an Amazon store and brand registry.

How to Create a Store on Amazon

Steps for Creating Your Amazon Storefront…

  • Create a seller account and enroll your brand in Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Log in to Seller Central, in the navigation menu, select Stores >> Manage Stores
  • Click the “Create Store” button.
  • Choose a template for your Store. Each one includes adjustable tiles for images, text, video, and other content. 
  • Click on Page Manager and select “Add a page” to add a page to your online store. Enter the page name and description, and choose a page template.
  • Use the Tile Manager to add and arrange content to the page. 
  • Select products to feature in your store, or use dynamic widgets to automatically populate different product displays, such as best-selling products.
  • Repeat steps #6-8 to create multiple pages in your store as needed to showcase different features, product categories, top sellers, etc. 
  • Use the Preview Window to see how your store will appear for desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Make sure you are following Amazon’s Creative Guidelines.
  • Once you’ve finished building your store, click “Submit for publishing.” 

Setting Up Amazon Storefronts with a Graphic Designer

Some brands will opt to use a graphic designer to help create a beautiful, branded storefront. To avoid rejection, make sure your graphic designer is following Amazon’s Creative Guidelines. We recommend giving a detailed creative brief to your graphic designer with instructions for each module. 

At Envision Horizons, our creative associates assist with constructing a strong creative brief, and our in-house graphic designer creates a beautiful storefront design optimized for Amazon’s platform. Learn more about our creative services

Amazon Storefront Insights

In the video below, the Envision Horizons team discusses the best strategies for building your storefront and what metrics to track in seller central and myHorizons for important insights.

Learn more about utilizing Amazon storefront insights here

Amazon Storefront Best Practices

To get the most out of your Amazon store, following best practice guidelines are key for creating a positive branded shopping experience for customers.

Best practices include utilizing “shoppable” images, implementing strategic formatting, and pulling actionable insights from Amazon’s Storefront analytics reports to optimize your brand store.

With thoughtful optimization of visual assets and comprehensive product descriptions, businesses can effectively market their products, driving more customer interactions and revenue growth.

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This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of all the creative assets available on Amazon, including images, videos, A+ Content, Storefronts, and Custom Ad Creative. It will also offer tips and best practices for using these assets to achieve maximum impact. 

With soona’s expertise in creative eCom services and Envision Horizons’ extensive knowledge of the Amazon platform, we are confident that this guide will help brands take their Amazon presence to the next level. Download your FREE copy of the eBook here

Full Guide to Visual Selling: Chapter Breakdown

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