Increase Shopper Conversion by Implementing Amazon’s “Buy with Prime” on Your DTC Website

“Buy with Prime” is one of Amazon’s recent initiatives, which allows sellers to grow their direct-to-consumer (DTC) stores outside of Amazon’s platform by installing a “Buy with Prime” button on their website.  When you implement Buy with Prime, the Prime logo and delivery promise is displayed on your website to convert shoppers with the Amazon […]
Written By Tristan Williams
Published on March 3, 2023   |10 minute read

“Buy with Prime” is one of Amazon’s recent initiatives, which allows sellers to grow their direct-to-consumer (DTC) stores outside of Amazon’s platform by installing a “Buy with Prime” button on their website. 

When you implement Buy with Prime, the Prime logo and delivery promise is displayed on your website to convert shoppers with the Amazon Prime offering of fast delivery and free returns.

Discover all you need to know about Buy with Prime…

What is the Amazon “Buy with Prime” program and how does it work?

Buy with Prime lets millions of U.S.-based Prime members shop directly from merchants’ online stores with the trusted experience they expect from Amazon. Prime members see the Prime logo and delivery promise on eligible products, which signals that the item is available for free delivery (as fast as the next day) with easy returns. Amazon handles the payment processing, storage, packing, delivery, and even returns all through their vast fulfillment network. 

This allows merchants to get all the benefits of Prime while still building direct relationships with their own customers and controlling their customer data.

Buy with Prime Button

How can the “Buy with Prime” program help sellers increase sales and grow their businesses?

With Buy with Prime, sellers can offer a buying journey that prioritizes convenience and speed!

Benefits for Merchants

  • Enhance your social proof and brand credibility with Amazon reviews. Buy with Prime enables merchants to display ratings and reviews from Amazon customers on their own sites for no additional cost.
  • Increase shopper conversion by offering a trusted shopping experience. There are over 200 million Prime members worldwide. Display the prime badge branding to indicate that you offer a familiar shopping experience. Amazon said its Buy with Prime program “has been shown to increase shopper conversion by an average of 25%.”
  • Simplify your fulfillment by utilizing Amazon’s state of art fulfillment system. Offering quick & convenient delivery to your customers around the country.
  • Ability to incorporate Amazon Sponsored Brands and Amazon Display Ads into your marketing strategy.
  • Own your customer data – Merchants will receive shopper order information, including email addresses for customer orders, which they can use to provide customer service and build direct relationships with shoppers.

Benefits for Customers

  • Provide easy checkout. Offer a seamless payment experience by letting shoppers checkout using their Amazon account (no need to re-enter all their info!).
  • Provide customers with fast, free delivery 
  • Give customers post-purchase peace of mind. Let Amazon fulfillment services handle your free returns on eligible items and rely on customer trust in Prime to help them buy with confidence.

Amazon Case Studies

Amazon shares the following testimonials from merchants…

“We offer heavy-duty, high-priced items on our site. It’s tough to gain shoppers’ trust to make a purchase, but the Buy with Prime badge on our site gives shoppers peace of mind knowing their orders are fulfilled by Amazon with the Prime delivery promise. Buy with Prime now accounts for over 70% of our website orders and revenue. We’re excited to see what’s next.” – Patrick Sean Briseno, Great Circle Machinery

“Buy with Prime helps us carry out our mission to reduce single-use plastic bottle pollution, while delivering the Prime shopping experience our customers trust and love on our own site. Conversion on our DTC site has increased by over 40% since adding Buy with Prime.” – Oliver Crane, COO, Epic Water Filters

Who can use Buy with Prime?

Currently, Buy with Prime is available to US-based merchants for implementation on their direct-to-consumer websites. The program is also compatible with various e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce (see the full compatibility guide below). 

Buy with Prime Compatibility

FBA sellers are the current target to adopt the program, and there is a lot of discussion about what type of sellers and brands stand to benefit the most from the initiative.

 Envision Horizons CEO, Laura Meyer, states “The Buy with Prime program could be a big opportunity for Amazon native brands to build out their own DTC websites. It could also be great for brands who are having issues with their 3PLs, as brands could cut out their 3PL and use fulfillment by Amazon for their DTC website sales. Of course, the program is in beta so we’re still waiting to see things play out.” 

How do I sign up for the Amazon “Buy with Prime” program?

US Merchants meeting the requirements below can sign up for Buy with Prime today! 

Sign Up

Program Prerequisites:

  • A US-based entity
  • An ecommerce site

Requirements you can complete during registration:

  • A Professional Seller Central account or an Amazon Supply Chain account
  • An Amazon Pay account

What is the cost of Buy with Prime?

Using Buy with Prime does come with a cost. The pricing is based on a service fee, a payment processing fee, and fulfillment and storage fees that are calculated per unit. There is no fixed subscription fee or long-term contract required, merchants can expand their selection or cancel at any time.

The fees associated with Buy with Prime are the Amazon Pay credit card transaction fees (2.4% of order value + $0.30) and the prime service fee (3% of order value). Additionally, the fulfillment fees from the fulfillment will be charged starting at $5.38 per order and decreasing as more units are added to the order.

The fulfillment fee is a per-unit fee charged to fulfill items for Buy with Prime orders on your website. The fee varies depending on the product size, weight, and units per order. Monthly inventory storage fees are charged for the space your inventory occupies in fulfillment centers, and you can check your specific storage fees in Seller Central or your Amazon Supply Chain account.

Buy with prime pricing
Source: Amazon

What Amazon Advertising Solutions can be utilized by Buy with Prime Merchants?

Buy With Prime merchants also have the opportunity for growth by incorporating Amazon Sponsored Brands and Amazon Display Ads into their marketing strategy.

Sponsored Brands for Buy with Prime is an invite-only beta marketing solution that can boost brand awareness in relevant shopping results and direct shoppers to your site.

Amazon Display Ads: Drive traffic to your DTC site by working with approved Amazon agency partners to run display ad campaigns that remarket to Amazon audiences across the web. Access exclusive first-party data and unique targeting capabilities allowing advertisers to reach specific audiences with high purchase intent.

Amazon also offers tools for social media promotions. Available to all Buy with Prime merchants, the Social Ads app is simple to install directly from the console where you manage your business. Automatically generate relevant ads for Facebook and Instagram featuring the Buy with Prime badge. Manage your social ad campaigns and track their performance from the app dashboard.

How will the “Buy with Prime” program impact Amazon’s overall business strategy in the future?

The innovative “Buy with Prime” initiative expands Amazon’s presence in the e-commerce sector. Not only does it open up additional revenue streams for Amazon, but it also gives the company a competitive advantage over other online retailers who do not offer this option. 

Expanding its product offering will encourage customers to further rely on Amazon as their go-to store for everything they need, and in turn, its customer base is likely to keep growing. It is still early days, but if successful, the program should give Amazon an edge that few of its rivals can match.

However, it may also present some logistical challenges for Amazon. As more and more merchants join the program, Amazon will need to scale up capacity in their warehouses to strengthen inventory control and maintain delivery speed.

How to Implement Buy with Prime

Once accepted into Amazon’s Buy with Prime program, merchants can get started with 4 easy steps…

  1. Sign up and create your account.
  2. Link your Seller Central or Amazon Supply Chain Account. Import products and link Amazon pay.
  3. Choose which products to offer with Buy with Prime.
  4. Create and install the button on your checkout page- Install a JavaScript widget in your online store in order to easily add Buy with Prime to one or more products.

How to Sign Up for Amazon Pay 

With Amazon Pay, Prime shoppers can quickly check out using the payment and shipping information in their Amazon account. When customer payments are processed by Amazon Pay, your Amazon Pay account is credited. 

Amazon Pay is a prerequisite for using Buy with Prime. Signing up for Amazon Pay is simple and fast. 

Visit the Amazon Pay website and create an account with your basic information, such as your name and address, credit or debit card details, and a valid email address. You’ll be asked to enter your mobile phone number for verification purposes. Finally, agree to the Amazon Pay Terms of Use in order to complete registration. 

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