Amazon Influencer Marketing

Drive external traffic to your Amazon listings through influencer marketing on popular platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube.


Why are Amazon Influencers Important?

In the last few years, Amazon has demonstrated a clear focus on encouraging sellers to drive external traffic to the platform. At Envision Horizons, we have seen that driving external traffic is rewarded by Amazon’s algorithm, bringing longer-term benefits. One of the most effective ways to generate external traffic is through influencer marketing. When done correctly, influencer marketing has the power to drive qualified traffic that will not only deliver an immediate return on investment, but also add momentum to the Amazon listing. This helps increase Best Seller Rank, organic rank, and advertising impression share.

Besame Cosmetics Amazon Influencer Case Study

Learn how Besame, a premium beauty brand, saw a 273% increase in new to brand customers on Amazon in 2 Months.











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Partnering with Envision Horizons

Envision Horizons is a premium Amazon agency that has managed over 200 brands on Amazon’s platform, including Beauty, Wellness, Pet, and Home brands. Our mission is to foster growth for our clients on Amazon’s platform through a variety of strategies, including driving external traffic through influencer marketing. We connect our clients with the right influencers to create mutually beneficial collaborations and drive Amazon sales. Join our Creator Community to be included in our network of influencers and get connected with our clients’ paid collaboration opportunities. 















More than half (56%) of consumers say that if they were only able to buy products from a single store, it would be Amazon.

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– Danielle Amazon Finds

“Working with the Envision Horizons team is always a pleasure. They are supportive, responsive, and always bring me new opportunities! The process is always easy and professional. I love being connected with well-known brands on amazon, and this has been a wonderful way to do so!”

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