Learn How Winky Lux Saw Amazon Sales Soar to New Heights!

Discover how Winky Lux saw 246% growth in total sales within just 12 months of partnership with Envision Horizons. Higher Ad Sales, Lower ACOS & TACOS, Higher Profit Margins, and More. Download the full Winky Lux case study with data visualization and example imagery. Winky Lux Partners with Envision Horizons Winky Lux is a clean makeup and […]
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Published on July 3, 2023   |11 minute read

Discover how Winky Lux saw 246% growth in total sales within just 12 months of partnership with Envision Horizons. Higher Ad Sales, Lower ACOS & TACOS, Higher Profit Margins, and More. Download the full Winky Lux case study with data visualization and example imagery.

Winky Lux Partners with Envision Horizons

Winky Lux is a clean makeup and skincare brand that takes a joyful approach to the beauty industry. Founded in 2015, Winky Lux offers a range of innovative, high-quality beauty formulations with clean and kind ingredients—all designed to deliver real results. Winky Lux’s products range from PH lip balms, cream blushes, and brow pencils to cleansers, eye creams, and toners. 

In 2019, Winky Lux began focusing on Amazon, selling through Seller Central and using fulfillment by Amazon. In October of 2020, Winky Lux partnered with Envision Horizons to improve its Amazon sales strategy.

Winky Lux’s Needs and Goals for Amazon:

Before working with Envision Horizons, Winky Lux only sold a few products on Amazon. The company’s initial goal was to expand its catalog fully with Envision Horizons. Additionally, Winky Lux aimed to match its website best sellers with Amazon’s best sellers.

Partnership with Envision Horizons:

Envision Horizons is a full-service agency that provides Amazon growth solutions. Envision Horizons partnered with Winky Lux to create a full catalog expansion strategy for Amazon. The team worked on optimizing Winky Lux’s product listings, improving ad targeting, and increasing sales velocity.

Results Within 1 year of Partnership:

Winky Lux’s partnership with Envision Horizons yielded impressive results within the first year of the partnership.

  • Winky Lux’s total Amazon sales grew by 246% in the first 12 months of working with Envision Horizons. 
  • Winky Lux’s NTB (new to brand) sales saw a 240% increase in 12 months. 
  • Winky Lux’s ad spend increased by 90%, resulting in an increase in ad sales of 346% in the first 12 months.

Envision Horizons also worked on reducing Winky Lux’s ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) and TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales). 

  • Before working with Envision Horizons, Winky Lux’s ACOS was 61%. However, in 12 months, ACOS reduced to 25%. 
  • Similarly, TACOS decreased from 22% (before working with Envision Horizons) to 12% after working with Envision Horizons. 

These improvements in ACOS and TACOS helped to improve Winky Lux’s profitability

  • The brand’s overall Amazon profitability increased by 50% in the first 12 months of its partnership with Envision Horizons.

“Envision Horizons brought the look and feel of Winky Lux to Amazon so it’s a consistent experience no matter where the customer is purchasing the product. They are so knowledgeable about how best to position the brand within the category for maximum impact. After working with EH, our Amazon sales tripled YOY, and it is our most efficient acquisition channel. We are excited to keep growing the channel with their partnership!”

Jennifer Simonian, VP Finance & Strategy at Winky Lux

Winky Lux

Continued Results on Amazon:

Beyond the first 12 months of working with Envision Horizons, Winky Lux continued to see success and growth in their partnership…

Improved Amazon Inventory Management

One of the key strategies that Envision Horizons implemented was inventory management, which played a significant role in improving Winky Lux’s IPI score and restock limits.

Before partnering with Envision Horizons, Winky Lux was sending in 60 days of stock and utilizing a basic inventory approach. However, Envision Horizons’ account analyst provided custom inventory recommendations based on forecasting, which resulted in significant improvements. In just three months, Winky Lux’s IPI score was raised 41 points, from 889 to 930.

The improved IPI score allowed Winky Lux to increase their restock limits, which resulted in higher inventory levels and more consistent product availability. This allowed Winky Lux to fulfill customer orders more efficiently, which led to increased customer satisfaction and sales.

Cross-Catalog Merchandising

Envision Horizons also worked with Winky Lux on cross-catalog merchandising strategies to increase sales and attract new customers.

Leveraging their proprietary software, myHorizons, the Envision Horizons team was able to uncover purchase combinations of Winky Lux’s top-selling products in order to create attractive bundle discounts. These bundles were then marketed to customers through targeted promotions and advertising campaigns.

Winky Lux has had significant success acquiring new customers through strategic discounting strategies and participating in events like Prime Day or Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The brand also utilizes coupons to drive slower sellers and Lightning Deals to increase traffic and new-to-brand customers on top sellers. As a result, Winky Lux doubled monthly NTB customers from January 2022 (8000) to January 2023 (16,000).

During peak sales months (July, Nov., Dec.), new-to-brand customers doubled thanks to promotions – with an impressive 25% repurchase rate. Winky Lux has also achieved great success with the Subscribe & Save program, seeing a 7x growth from January 2022 (1,000 subscribers) to December 2022 (7,000 subscribers).

Envision Horizons identified that Winky Lux’s viral products – Glimmer Balm, Peeper Perfect Under Eye Concealer, Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil and Orange You Bright Exfoliator – are usually the items that introduce customers to the brand. The team used these products to create virtual bundles, which drove cross-selling opportunities to slower sellers as well as increased average order value.

Through a combination of strategic discounting, targeted promotions, and cross-catalog merchandising, Winky Lux has been able to attract new customers and drive sales growth on Amazon. The Envision Horizons team’s expertise in these areas has played a significant role in supporting Winky Lux’s success on the platform.

Branding: Storefront Design

Envision Horizons worked closely with Winky Lux to create a vibrant Amazon storefront that captures the essence of the brand. By highlighting the company’s commitment to affordable, high-quality, and clean beauty products, the team was able to create a unique and visually appealing shopping experience for customers.

One of the main goals of the storefront was to showcase Winky Lux’s extensive product catalog. With everything from pH color-changing lip balms to cat-shaped pimple patches, the team needed to ensure that customers could find what they were looking for with ease. To achieve this, the storefront features visible category tabs that make it easy to navigate the site and find the desired product.

In addition to highlighting the full catalog, the storefront also focuses on promoting Winky Lux’s best-selling products. These products, which serve as an entry point to the full range, are prominently displayed on the homepage. 

  • In the past 30 days, 65% of storefront sales came from the home page, demonstrating the importance of showcasing bestsellers and new products clearly.

The storefront also features intentional messaging and imagery to convey the brand’s values of clean, joyful, and high-quality beauty. The use of vibrant colors on the packaging and branding helps to make the storefront visually appealing, while the messaging on the product pages and throughout the site reinforces the brand’s commitment to clean and kind ingredients.

Encouraging Customer Engagement Through the Winky Lux Store:

  • Winky Lux understands the importance of customer loyalty and has implemented several strategies to maintain and improve it. One such strategy is the use of the Winky Lux logo banner to encourage customers to follow the brand on Amazon. By following the brand, customers receive updates on new product launches, promotions, and other news, which helps to keep them engaged and interested in the brand.
  • Another strategy that Winky Lux employs is the reuse of content from social channels for Amazon Posts. This allows the brand to promote new product launches and discounts to its Amazon customers. In the last 90 days, over 2,000 people have visited the Winky Lux Store by clicking on posts. This strategy not only helps to increase customer loyalty but also helps to drive traffic to the brand’s Amazon Store.
  • Additionally, Winky Lux uses the “Recommended for You” module on its Amazon storefront to show customers product ideas based on their search history. This personalized approach helps to improve the customer’s shopping experience and increase their satisfaction with the brand. 

Overall, the storefront has been a key part of carrying Winky Lux’s branding across from their DTC (direct-to-consumer) website over to Amazon. By creating a visually appealing and user-friendly shopping experience, the team has been able to attract and retain customers while showcasing the full range of products available.

Amazon Advertising and Promotional Tactics

Envision Horizons has leveraged Amazon advertising to drive increased visibility and sales for Winky Lux on Amazon.

Lightning Deals

Lightning deals are a great way to bring top-selling products to the forefront and create urgency among customers to make a purchase. Winky Lux specifically uses lightning deals for their most popular products, including Glimmer Balm, Peeper Perfect Under Eye, and Unibrow Pencil. These products are already well-known to customers and the lightning deals serve as a reminder to make a purchase. This strategy has been effective in increasing sales for these top sellers and improving overall brand recognition.

“For brands with a strong social media presence like Winky Lux, Lightning Deals incentivize customers in the consideration phase of the buying journey to try the product. We are all flooded with new products to try on social media every day. I often will click on Amazon pages just to check out the product but have no real intent to purchase. But, I think Lightning Deals give a sense of urgency that increases customer conversion.” – Eve Matten, Envision Horizons Account Manager for Winky Lux

Sponsored Ad Creative

Sponsored ad creative has also been a key tactic for Winky Lux on Amazon. The brand uses high-quality imagery to showcase its attractive packaging and branding, as well as featuring model images to showcase its products. In addition, Winky Lux has created sponsored brand videos that highlight TikToks about their popular product, Glimmer Balm. This has helped to create a deeper connection with their audience and further drive sales.

Brand Defense Strategies

Envision Horizons also utilizes brand defense strategies for Amazon advertising that help drive New to Brand (NTB) growth for Winky Lux. By bidding on their own branded keywords, the team is able to capture shoppers who are specifically searching for Winky Lux products on Amazon. This helps prevent competitors from bidding on Winky Lux branded terms and taking away potential customers. In addition, the team also runs Sponsored Brands campaigns featuring Winky Lux products and messaging, which helps reinforce the brand and drives NTB growth. 

By combining these brand defense strategies with other advertising and promotional tactics (such as lightning deals and sponsored ad creative), Envision Horizons has been able to help Winky Lux maintain strong brand recognition and attract new customers to their products. By focusing on the brand’s most popular products and utilizing engaging imagery, Winky Lux has been able to effectively reach and convert customers on the platform.

“Envision Horizons continuously brings value through services like bundling, subscribe and save, keyword optimization, and ROAS management – they made sure to showcase the products for maximum exposure in a cost effective way.” 

Jennifer Simonian, VP Finance & Strategy at Winky Lux

In conclusion, Winky Lux’s partnership with Envision Horizons led to significant improvements in its Amazon sales strategy. With Envision Horizons’ help, Winky Lux achieved its original goals of full catalog expansion and matching website best sellers with Amazon best sellers. The results of the partnership speak for themselves, with total sales, ad sales, NTB sales, and profitability all seeing significant increases. Winky Lux’s future plans include continuing to work with Envision Horizons to expand its Amazon presence further.

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