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Fuel Your E-Commerce Business with myHorizons


Since 2017, Envision Horizons has helped 150+ brands sell on Amazon. In the early days of our business, our account managers wanted to prioritize strategy and growth initiatives for our clients, but a lot of their time was instead spent combing through Seller Central, trying to find business insights and pull custom reports. We knew there was a better way. Our software developers built myHorizons to layer on top of Seller Central and do what the Seller Central reports don’t - provide a clear, bird’s-eye view of every aspect of your Amazon business. For the last few years, our account managers have been using myHorizons for easy access to dozens of different reports, visualizations, and tools. Now, we want to share myHorizons with you!

myHorizons is an Amazon analytics and diagnostic platform that provides the insights you need to make business decisions with confidence. With myHorizons, you have full access to all the data and tools necessary to manage a successful Amazon business without having to rely on Seller Central. Selling internationally? myHorizons integrates Amazon's top global marketplaces, allowing you to accomplish all your international eCommerce growth initiatives and analyze multiple Seller Central accounts in one convenient location.



More Data, More Results


Sales Analytics

  • Customized graphs on all sales metrics by ASIN
  • New to brand customers and retention rates
  • Organic sales rates
  • TACOS, AOV, LTV, etc.
  • Bundles and cross-selling SKU analysis

Customer Insights

  • Dayparting analysis
  • Sales by geographical location
  • Returns analysis
  • Customer reviews

Account Health

  • Inventory management
  • Listings status
  • Account alerts
  • Seller feedback
  • FBA fee audit

Advertising Analytics

  • Customized graphs on all advertising metrics by ASIN
  • Keyword analysis 
  • Advertising portfolio analysis

Business Insights

  • Forecasting analysis
  • Profitability by ASIN
  • Repurchase rates
  • Subscription rates

Dynamic Reporting

  • Trend graphs
  • Exportable tables
  • Customized graphs
  • Parent and child ASIN analysis

What myHorizons Users Say

"Really quick way to take stock on performance on Amazon, this dashboard that you created gives me a really efficient way to make a good assessment on how we are doing on Amazon in general. Repurchase rate, NTB, organic sales were more cumbersome to access on Seller Central because we would have to spend time manually running those numbers versus now we can see them instantaneously."
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"Working directly with Seller Central involves a lot of manual work- pulling various reports together from multiple locations- for me, myHorizons limited the time it takes to pull all that data together and allowed me to troubleshoot any problem areas quickly. Additionally, it streamlined our process with our supply-chain team in terms of efficiently prioritizing what products to ship out and when."
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"I found navigation to be a big issue with Seller Central- it often felt like a maze, even with months of experience using it. But with myHorizons it was clear what data I could find and where- which was time-efficient for my daily routine. It never took me more than 30 seconds to figure out where I need to be." 
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