Welcome to myHorizons onboarding!

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Have Amazon Seller Central logged in on a separate tab with your brand and marketplace selected at the top of the navigation bar

Allow pop-ups in your browser to get redirected to Seller Central in a few steps

Create your myHorizons account

  1. Register Link
  2. Register manually or with your existing Amazon account 
  3. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Verify your email

  1. Login to the email you used to register your account and verify your myHorizons account 
  2. Return to home and log in with your account

Give your Organization a name

Create your first brand account

Select the region and marketplace

Link your sales

  1. This will redirect you to Seller Central to permission myHorizons 
  2. Select that you authorize the app and confirm

If successfully linked you will be redirected back to myHorizons

  1. If the account is not linking, make sure you have the correct brand and marketplace selected at the top and try again with Seller Central already open on a separate tab

Additional steps for

Audit Accounts

Link Advertising

Enter “MHAUDITS” in the promo code box and click apply

  1. Important: If you did not have an intro call with the agency to determine if you qualify, the promo code will not work for your account 
  2. Important: Only the email that was given to the agency from your brand as the email that will create the account will be able to use the promocode. That is the only email with the promo code approved

Skip over the payments step and wait for the account to build

  1. Accounts take approximately 24 hours to build while we pull in your account’s Amazon data 

Get a notification email that your account is ready and login!

Additional steps for

SaaS Users