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Brand audits are conducted for brands that are eligible for Envision Horizons agency services.

Agency services are available to brands with a trajectory for reaching 1M+ in revenue annually on Amazon.

For brands not yet launched on Amazon, agency services are available on a case-by-case basis after an introductory qualifying call.

What’s included in an Envision Horizons audit?

Our experts will conduct an audit using our proprietary technology, myHorizons, to assess your brand’s performance on Amazon. We will identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.

For brands not yet launched on Amazon, we will look at the demand for your products on Amazon’s platform and analyze the current competitive landscape. When applicable, we will assess the performance of third party sellers of your products.

Full-Service Account Management

Account Management

Envision Horizons account managers are Amazon experts dedicated to growing your brand’s sales, increasing your market share, and improving your profitability. Account managers are responsible for daily monitoring your sales and account health, bi-weekly updates/strategy sessions, and communication during business hours Mon-Fri via Slack.

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Advertising services include building, managing, and optimizing all Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and DSP advertising campaigns. In addition, Envision Horizons PPC specialists provide back-office support for Amazon Advertising strategy and optimizations.

Product Page Optimization

Listing optimization includes keyword research and the creation and optimization of written copy in product descriptions and titles. Services also include category positioning, creative asset optimization, and AB testing.
ecommerce stocks in a box
ecommerce stocks in a box

Inventory Management

Envision Horizons account analysts provide FBA replenishment/restock reports and forward-looking inventory demand planning reports. In addition, analysts are responsible for designing an actionable plan for your brand to improve and maintain a high IPI score.

Creative Asset Creation

As a client of Envision Horizons, you will have access to our graphic design and video production teams. Creative services include full design work of the brand storefront, A+ Content / Enhanced Brand Content, and informational images and video editing for product detail pages and advertisements.

Other services

Strategy & Brand Building

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Customer Service

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