Amazon Organic Search

What is Amazon Organic Search?

Amazon Organic Search, otherwise known as Organic Rank, is a paginated list of search results appearing in order of relevance to the search query. Your rank order is determined by a set of elements that make-up Amazon’s A9 Algorithm: Text Match Relevancy, Price, Inventory, and Sales Velocity.

Why Is Organic Rank on Amazon Important

Amazon is dominating the internet in initial product searches with over 54% of consumers searching for a product begin their journey on Amazon. Of these consumers, 70% don’t navigate to the second page of search results. What this means for your brand is if you’re not ranking for search terms, your products won’t be seen by the consumers.

How We Help with Organic Rank

Envision Horizons has the experience to know what factors play the most important role in organic ranking. We lay the groundwork for your account by building a strong keyword research strategy to capitalize on trends and begin building your account from the ground up.

Through keyword research, our Account Manager’s will:

  • Lay out a strategic plan for keyword rank
  • Optimize back-end and front-end product detail page (PDP)
  • Create enhanced brand content
  • Collaborate & keep products on brand
  • Utilize the keyword research to create a cohesive advertising strategy that targets the correct keywords (link out to paid section)

After the foundation has been laid, our strategists will begin a full audit of account metrics to ensure all other important Amazon A9 ranking factors are met.