Envision Horizons

Fuel Your E-Commerce Business with myHorizons

As a client of Envision Horizons, you and your team will receive 24-hour access to our proprietary sales and advertising analytics dashboard. Built by our team of talented software developers, myHorizons provides the insights you need to make business decisions with confidence. The functionalities range from advanced reporting to AI-driven advertising optimization algorithms.

myHorizons provides full access to all the data and PPC advertising tools necessary to manage a successful Amazon business without having to rely on Seller Central.

Selling internationally? myHorizons integrates Amazon's top global marketplaces, allowing you to accomplish all your international ecommerce growth initiatives and analyze multiple Seller Central accounts in one convenient location.




More Data, More Results


Sales Analytics

  • Customized graphs on all sales metrics by ASIN
  • New to brand customers and retention rates
  • Organic sales rates
  • TACOS, AOV, LTV, etc.
  • Bundles and cross-selling SKU analysis

Customer Insights

  • Dayparting analysis
  • Sales by geographical location
  • Returns analysis
  • Customer reviews

Account Health

  • Inventory management
  • Listings status
  • Account alerts
  • Seller feedback
  • FBA fee audit

Advertising Analytics

  • Customized graphs on all advertising metrics by ASIN
  • PPC keyword bid automation
  • Keyword analysis for proper keyword discovery
  • Advertising portfolio analysis

Business Insights

  • Forecasting analysis
  • Profitability by ASIN
  • Repurchase rates
  • Subscription rates

Dynamic Reporting

  • Trend graphs
  • Exportable tables
  • Customized graphs
  • Parent and child ASIN analysis

Increase Advertising Sales and Profitability

with Machine Learning Algorithms





Dynamic Bid Optimization

Never overpay for a click again! Algorithmic bidding gives your ad campaigns the ability to maximize keyword performance.


Custom ACOS Targeting

Focus on gaining market share with an aggressive ACOS. For established SKUs, increase your profitability with a lower total ACOS goal.


Keyword Automation

We use advanced algorithms for keyword discovery. Your PPC campaigns will automatically stay up to date on the latest search trends.


Reporting Made Simple

myHorizons is filled with easy to read visuals and graphs. We sifted through thousands of options within Amazon's backend and highlighted the most important parts.