Top 15 Amazon Experts to Follow on LinkedIn in 2022

As Amazon continues to dominate the eCommerce world, it’s no surprise that Amazon experts are some of the most sought-after LinkedIn influencers. There is a lot of information out there on how to Sell on Amazon. We have enjoyed getting to know the Amazon Marketing community and have put together our list of insightful and […]
Written By Tristan Williams
Published on August 25, 2022   |6 minute read

As Amazon continues to dominate the eCommerce world, it’s no surprise that Amazon experts are some of the most sought-after LinkedIn influencers. There is a lot of information out there on how to Sell on Amazon. We have enjoyed getting to know the Amazon Marketing community and have put together our list of insightful and favorite industry expert to follow.

Whether you’re looking for the latest Amazon news or tips on how to improve your Amazon business, here are 15 of our favorite Amazon LinkedIn influencers to follow…

Top 15 Amazon Experts on LinkedIn

  1. Chad Rubin is the the CEO and founder of Profasee, a dynamic pricing platform that enables Amazon brands to predict the perfect price for every product at each precise moment. Prior to founding Profasee, Rubin successfully exited e-com operations platform Skubana and e-commerce marketing company Seller’s Choice. He is also the founder of an e-commerce business of his own, Think Crucial. Rubin is a regular contributor to Forbes and his LinkedIn profile is full of great Amazon tips and tricks. Follow Chad on LinkedIn
  1. Jeffrey Cohen is a top Amazon Tech Evangelist, and the only Amazon employee on our list of top influencers. Jeffery focuses on building community for the Amazon advertising APIs, and his LinkedIn followers range from 3rd party integrators to Amazon brands and other industry influencers. Jeffrey shares important Amazon updates and announcements directly from the source. Follow Jeffrey on LinkedIn.
  1. Rick Watson is the CEO & Founder RMW Commerce Consulting. He is a top eCommerce influencer who consistently posts insightful and informative Amazon content on LinkedIn. Watson also hosts a podcast, The Watson Weekly, where he shares his expert take on the retail sector’s biggest news and players. Follow Rick on LinkedIn.
  1. Rina Yashayeva is an ex-Amazon employee who currently works in digital retail strategy at E.L.F. Beauty. Rina is an experienced eCom marketer with a focus on the Beauty and Health & Personal Care industry. She shares great Amazon insights for all sellers, and we recommend that beauty brands in particular give her a follow! Follow Rina on LinkedIn.
  1. Kiri Masters is the founder of Bobsled Marketing, a top-ranked digital agency that helps consumer product brands to grow their sales on online marketplaces. Kiri has written multiple Amazon focused books and is a regular contributor to Forbes Retail. Kiri shares insights gathered through managing brands’ accounts on Amazon. Follow Kiri on LinkedIn.
  1. Shannon Roddy is an Amazon expert and founder of the Amazon Brand Success Academy. On LinkedIn, Shannon shares his expert take on industry news as well as strategies to successfully launch and grow on Amazon. Follow Shannon on LinkedIn.
  1. Daniela Bolzmann is an Amazon strategist who specializes in creating high quality Amazon listings for CPG brands. Her agency, Mindful Goods, is a one stop shop for listing optimization. Daniela shares great tips and tricks on LinkedIn for brands looking to take Amazon to the next level. Follow Daniela on LinkedIn
  1. Jordan Buckner is on a mission to help food and beverage companies build successful businesses, and launched Foodbevy.com to create a pipeline for companies to grow from startup to scale by reducing the resource and network gaps. Jordan previously co-founded TeaSquares, a line of superfood energy bars designed to help people stay focused and alert so they could achieve their passions. Jordan is an ecom expert who we recommend any CPG brand on Amazon should follow! Follow Jordan on LinkedIn.
  1. Destaney Wishon is the Co-Founder and CEO of BetterAMS, a top Amazon advertising agency. Her career in Amazon Advertising began six years ago when she got a start managing AMS campaigns for some of the most well-known brands on the platform. Since then she has personally managed ads for over 30 Amazon brands, and consistently shares great tips and insights on LinkedIn! Follow Destaney on LinkedIn.
  1. Joshua Rawe is an Amazon seller and consultant who posts frequently on LinkedIn, updating followers on Amazon news, the latest announcements, new features and updates, etc. Follow Joshua on LinkedIn
  1. Will Haire is the CEO & Founder of BellaVix, helping retail brands systematically multiply sales and achieve category domination with the aim to grow on Amazon and Walmart. Will shares new Amazon updates, and announcements, and policy changes on LinkedIn frequently. Follow Will on LinkedIn.
  1. Nii A. Ahene is chief strategy officer at Tinuiti, which as an agency manages the digital marketing campaigns for over 900 brands and organizations. Nii’s profile contains helpful articles about Amazon strategy and trends, making him a valuable influencer for anyone interested in Amazon or e-commerce. Follow Nii on LinkedIn
  1. Melissa Burdick is the co-founder and president of Pacvue, and is an e-Commerce and retail media expert. Melissa is an industry thought leader with over 16 years of ecommerce experience. She shares insights and information on Amazon tools and techniques, making her a valuable asset for anyone selling on Amazon. Follow Melissa on LinkedIn
  1. Joe Shelerud is the CEO at Ad Advance, and is an expert in Amazon DSP & PPC Marketing. Joe frequently shares his insights on Amazon advertising on his LinkedIn profile, including tips for Amazon sellers on topics such as improving key metrics such as ACOS, utilizing new Amazon ad features, and interesting takeaways from his own experiences with clients. Follow Joe on LinkedIn
  1. Michael Erickson Facchin is the CEO of Ad Badger, a software solution for optimizing and automating Amazon PPC campaigns. Michael guides Amazon Marketers and Entrepreneurs with the tools, know-how, and feedback they need to scale Amazon PPC Advertising campaigns. On Michael’s weekly podcast, The PPC Den, he discusses the fundamentals of Amazon PPC, as well as commentary and insight on the evolving world of “What’s Working Now in Amazon Advertising”. Follow Michael on LinkedIn.

Honorable Mentions – Entrepreneurs and Business Experts

  • Annie Evans
  • Taryn Laeben
  • Dan Brownsher
  • Kim Salzer
  • Alexander Swade
  • Todd Piechowski
  • Elizabeth Greene
  • Scott Ohsman
  • Summer Jubelirer

Each of these experts has their own unique insights into the inner workings of Amazon or ecommerce as a whole. By following them, you’ll gain a better understanding of how Amazon operates as well as stay up-to-date on the latest Amazon news and announcements. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, make sure to follow these Amazon experts on LinkedIn.

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